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Have You Been A Victim Of Bullying At Work?

Have You Been A Victim Of Bullying At Work?

Bullying, regardless of the nature of the jobs and the industry, is pretty common. According to a recent survey, at least 1/3 of employees have experienced bullying and power-tripping in their workplace. The challenge behind bullying at work is the fact that the tactics that these bullies are using does not qualify for a complaint and the bullies are insidious. On top of that, we are afraid that we might embarrass ourselves further or lose our jobs if we chose to deal with it. In most cases, the bullying will just stop if the person chooses to quit.

How To Deal With The Bullies in Your Jobs

The bullies in your workplace act similarly to the bullies in your school. Aside from actions that may intimidate the victim, they may also spread rumours that aim to discredit the reputation of the victim. Flat fee recruitment agencies also reported that employees being bullied will not be invited during team or employee meetings. Bullying that happens in the workplace is not only detrimental on the part of the victim, but it can also affect the productivity of the workplace. Here are three things that you can do to successfully deal with the bullies

1. Protect Your Mental And Physical State

According to different flat fee recruitment agencies, getting bullied in the workplace has severe consequences, particularly if the bullying is going on for a long time. You need to keep your physical and mental state protected. You do not necessarily have control on the actions of the bullies, but you can control your response. Assess your emotional reaction before you decide to respond to their behaviour.

2. Create A Boundary

When you are being bullied, it is highly important that you set a boundary on their actions. If not, their actions will only get worse as time passes by. There is also a possibility that the bully is not aware that their actions are stressing you. One of the best ways to deal with this is to confront the bully. It is the perfect way to make them realise their behaviour and revisit some of their actions. You should also warn them that if they continue with their abusive behaviour in your workplace, you will report them to your supervisor. In case you see him retaliating or being defensive with their actions, it is time to file a report against them.

3 Be Aware About The Policy Of Your Organisation

Bullying someone at work is not necessarily illegal, which is why most people choose not to report an abusive incident in their jobs. However, according to flat fee recruitment agencies, most companies have zero-tolerance against this action since it affects the productivity and profitability of the company. You need to be aware of your company’s policy and how they will respond to this situation.

Finally, you need to be prepared to handle this. It is possible that the organisation may not take your report seriously, especially if the bully is someone who holds authority and power. You may also consider other options that you can take if the organisation fails to address your problem, such as looking for further employment either via a flat fee recruitment agency or using one of the many online job boards.

Does Bullying Happen In Your Workplace? Read this article to discover further advice and tips.

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