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How To Advertise A Job

How to Advertise a Job

Job Advertising in the UK can be a minefield; firstly, you need to create a job advert, then you need to understand the best places to post the advert.

Once you are ready to post the job advert you then need to negotiate the best price with your job site partners. You also need to know which is the best suited candidate management software to use for your company if you intend to post your job advert on multiple job boards.

Where do you start when advertising a job?

Start by creating a compelling job advert – you might want to adapt this from a job description which you have already written.

If you don’t have one, you can choose the most appropriate job description for your vacancy from our job description library or find one elsewhere on the internet and tailor it accordingly. UK job sites are a great place to carry out further research.

Alternatively, you can create a job advert from scratch, using a job advert template. It is important to write an effective job advert as this will improve your chances of engaging with more candidates and will increase your applications significantly; this will give you more options when it comes to offering someone the chance to work for your company and in turn, you will have better candidates to choose from.

Where does your audience hangout?

Once you are happy with your job advert, you need to decide how and where to advertise it.

Firstly, understand where your audience is most likely to be. The places to consider are specific job boards, social media platforms and online publications where your potential applicants are likely to spend time.

Once you have identified those sites that you wish to publish your job advert on, start to have conversations with providers. If you prefer, you can source this information from a directory which provides all of the UK job site information in one place. You can expect to find the following information about the job sites:

  • Prices
  • Overview of the company
  • Number of users
  • The type of job board it is
  • How many jobs they advertise
  • Internet traffic volume
  • How many candidates in their database

You may wish to use a ‘sponsored job ad’, which is a job ad that is performance-based, meaning the amount you pay for the ad is determined by how many people look at it or contact you about it. This type of job ad can save you money because you only pay when people interested in the job view the listing, as opposed to paying for everyone who uses the website. You can launch this at the same time as posting your job advert on traditional job boards.

The UK’s leading job sites, aggregators, niche and free sites are featured here.

How to place the job advert

You can upload the job advert individually onto your chosen job site, or in much less time you can use candidate management software, known as an applicant tracking system, which enables you to post your job advert onto multiple job boards in one process.

An applicant tracking system enables you to distribute your job advert to hundreds of sites in one process. These can include free sites, paid-for sites and job aggregators.

The applicant tracking system can serve as a marketplace for hundreds of job partners and using this software will give you a gateway to new audiences, and possibly the option of tapping into new networks of job seekers that you have not previously approached. 

An ATS helps you further by collecting CVs from all of the sites where you have placed your job advert. The ATS includes functions that help you search through your talent pool of candidates and engage with them, either to ask further questions, invite them for an interview or to rule them out.

Other features include analytical data and insight reporting, which overall helps you be much more efficient when it comes to recruiting.  The key players in the candidate software market include Logic Melon, BullhornJobAdderRecruiteeIdibu, Workable and JazzHR.

Other options

As well as advertising online, explore other options that are available. This can be targeted by going to jobs fairs and industry conventions, as this will put you in contact with people who are interested in working in your sector.

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