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How To Advertise A Job

How To Advertise A Job

Job advertising online has become the most effective way to connect with job seekers and fill job openings quickly with the ideal candidate who possesses the right skills and qualifications. However, knowing how to prepare your job posting and deciding how to advertise it will significantly affect your recruitment outcome and success.

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Highlights And Key Takeaways:

  1. To post a job online, you need a concise job description and a great job ad, refined with relevant keywords job seekers may input in a search engine or on social networking sites.
  2. You can post jobs on free job advertising sites, your career page, job boards, and social media job sites.

In our discussion on how to advertise a job, we review advertising on job posting sites, including:

  • Company Career’s Page
  • Job Aggregators
  • Google Jobs
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Popular Job Boards
  • Niche Job Boards
  • Press
  • Free Job Advertising
  • Fixed Cost Recruitment
  • Applicant Tracking Systems

How To Write A Job Description

Writing Job Descriptions

The first step in job advertising is preparing for recruitment and writing a job description, which precedes writing job ads. Before you can put pen to paper, you should take a moment to assess your needs. Crucial questions at this stage might include:

  • What position or positions am I looking to fill?
  • Where do I have a skills shortage with existing employees?

Download A Job Description Template

Once the vacant positions are identified, you need to create a job description that defines the duties, responsibilities, required skills, and performance benchmarks. 

It is worth considering at this point that a job description is a multi-functional document. Job descriptions are used to create job ads, prepare screening questions and interview questions, and as an HR employee file insert, which is used for performance reviews and handling employment disputes.

Job description writing tips: A job description template is a handy tool to get you started and overcome issues such as writer’s block. Our free industry and job-specific templates will help you create a practical description and person specification. However, input from line managers and critical decision-makers will help you personalise the key information and make informed decisions.

Useful job description-related articles for your business include:

How To Write A Job Advert

Writing Job Adverts

Before you can begin to look at the best ways to advertise a job vacancy, you need to develop a job advertisement. To create an effective job ad and job posting that attracts relevant candidates, you need to write a job advertisement that is concise and clear. An attractive but simple job title works best, and it helps to avoid getting too creative.

Remember, you need to help candidates find you, so your job title should reflect what interested candidates might search for on job sites and search engines. You might want to add more flair to your job title if the job ad is purely for an internal audience and not for external job postings.

The job advert should begin with what makes your business an attractive place to work. To write a company profile, ask yourself; what are the most appealing parts of the job and company culture. Most candidates want to work for companies that have similar values. You can identify your values by reviewing your company website and career sites. You can discover what values are essential to your employees by asking for their feedback on what makes your company or the job attractive.

Your job descriptions come into play next. You need to move relevant information into the job ad. For example; crucial information will include the job level, duties, tasks, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications. With these elements in place, you will have a fast hiring process that returns potential candidates that meet your job role and hiring needs.

Download Job Advert Template

You can simplify the process of converting your job descriptions into an advertisement by using our job advert template.

The final part of writing job ads is to add the company location (which may be remote for work from home jobs), salary, perks, benefits, career development opportunities, and work hours.

Useful job advert-writing resources for your company include:

Where To Advertise A Job Online

Where To Advertise A Job

So, where are the best places to advertise jobs? Our directory page of job advertising sites includes many of the websites a far-reaching hiring campaign can target. Your company has all options available and can choose the best options for you.

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Our job advertising tips will next focus on the places where you can advertise a job vacancy:

Company Careers Page

It would help if you first shared your job advertisement on your company’s career page, with your staff, and potentially your clients, customers, and business partners. After all, your business network is a ready-made talent pool, so it makes sense to utilise it.

The careers page on your company website is your employment brand hub and will attract candidates directly from Google Search. It is often the first place potential candidates turn to when researching an employer and can make the difference between attracting applicants or turning them off.

Companies with a good careers website will show not only their current vacancy but also their mission, values, vision, culture, company story and overview, carefully chosen keywords, benefits, perks, development opportunities and team characteristics, photos, and videos.

You can learn how to perfect your company careers hub in the following article:

Job Aggregators


Job aggregators are free job boards that operate in a similar way to search engines, scouring the internet for job postings and putting them in front of a potential candidate. A job aggregator trawls many sources, including job boards, employer career pages, and professional association websites.

The reasons a candidate might prefer to look for a job vacancy on an aggregator include handy filters that narrow down their search results and saving time with a vast collective of jobs viewable in one place.

You can learn more about job aggregators in the following article:

Advertise your job on job aggregators.

Google Jobs

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs operates similarly to job aggregators, focusing on putting jobs and their details on a single page. High-quality job posts are prioritised, and Google tackles issues many applicants experience, such as duplicate listings. For your posting to appear, it will need to be correctly tagged and have an accurate schema, a location, and a separate page for each job.

We tackle what you need to do to get your position on Google for Jobs in the following articles:


Facebook Jobs

Social recruiting is a practice where your post jobs on social media platforms such as Facebook. To attract applicants, our tips include keeping it straightforward and uncomplicated, avoiding industry jargon, adding a call to action and link, and having memorable details, such as hybrid work opportunities, perks, and benefits.

You can take a deep dive into posting a job ad on social media by reading the following blog:


Hiring on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. Social media is a fantastic place to find the right candidates and can be particularly effective if you are hunting for a freelancer, contractor, or career-focused individual. For LinkedIn to be an effective hiring solution, you need to maintain your employer profile, find connections to build up your network, and actively communicate with your channel.

You can discover more about hiring through LinkedIn by reading our complete guide below:

Popular Job Boards

Job Boards

Job boards deliver job advertising success time and again. The top job boards often include free job postings. However, with free job posting sites, the visibility of job ads is limited and short-lived. Conversely, a paid job board will keep your job post visible on crucial pages and in candidate search results. 

Top job boards where passive and active candidates might see your vacancies include:

Advertise your job on these job boards.

Niche Job Boards

A niche job board can assist companies looking at hiring team members with significant industry expertise. Niche boards exist for many sectors and professions, such as IT, accounting, education, marketing, and more, allowing you to create targeted ads that speak only to your target audience. You are almost assured of speaking to top talent, and most importantly, qualified candidates.

Advertise your job on niche job boards.


Press Job Posting

It is still possible to post an ad and hire for a position in the national and local press. Online and print publications can be an excellent choice if you are hiring in a specific location or want to get the word out about your presence at job fairs and industry events. You will also find opportunities to post in trade magazines and industry publications.

You can explore the pros and cons of advertising your position in the press by reading the following article:

Free Job Advertising

Are you wondering how to advertise a job vacancy for free? While a free post shouldn’t be overlooked, the statistics show that applicants contact employers 88 times more often through a post that gains visibility through a paid or sponsored listing. However, top performers who offer a free post include Adzuna, Tip Top Job, and Jobs4a.

You can read more about how to post your position for free and compare paid against free ads in the following article:

Fixed Cost Recruitment

When hiring, fixed cost recruitment services have become the number one route for employers, recruiters, and hiring managers looking to advertise job openings across multiple job posting sites.

Flat fee recruitment services cover all your bases with exposure across many job boards, aggregators, and social media, putting your job postings in front of the largest target audience.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Fixed and flat fee recruitment services include the use of an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS automates and assists with many otherwise time-consuming tasks and actions, such as:

  • Posting jobs and candidate sourcing
  • Uploading crucial information such as job location
  • Importing and exporting candidate data, CVs, and cover letters
  • Talent database searches
  • Screening candidates and exchanging information amongst acquisition teams
  • Sending out rejection emails
  • Arranging interviews
  • Generating recruitment reports, including average time to hire
  • Presenting job offers

You can learn more about centralising your recruitment process with ATS in the following article:

Where To Advertise Jobs FAQs

Here we answer you questions on how to advertise jobs and where to advertise a job.

What is a job posting?

A job posting is an advertisement to hire, often created using the role’s job description.

Where is the best place to advertise your jobs?

You can hire and encourage candidates to contact your recruitment team through job aggregators, job boards, social media, online publications, and print media.

What is the best way to advertise job openings on social media?

Keep it simple, promote your employment benefits, and post a call to action. Social media sites where you can post ads include Facebook and LinkedIn.

How long should I advertise job openings for?

Two to three weeks is typical, with a job board post usually remaining active for 30 days.

Can I advertise job openings outside my country?

Job boards such as Indeed and Monster allow you to post jobs in a wide array of countries.

Do you have to advertise a job internally?

No, but it is considered a hiring best practice.


Job advertising refers to the process of promoting or publicising a job opening through various channels and platforms. This practice involves creating job advertisements that succinctly and effectively communicate the details of the job post, including the job requirement, to attract qualified applicants. By advertising job openings, employers can reach a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of finding the best candidates for their vacancies. It’s a crucial aspect of recruitment, as it bridges the gap between employers and potential job candidates.

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