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8 Considerations When Using A Job Description Template

By writing an effective job description, candidate engagement will improve and the chances of you targeting the best candidates possible will increase significantly.

When using a job description template be careful that you don’t just create a document. You want to make it compelling – it is your chance to pitch the position, your company and you want to entice excellent applicants to help you employ a successful, high performing employee.

The person you are targeting might be highly sought after and even if they’re not, this is still the first impression they’ll have of your company.

The struggle to recruit the best talent and high performing employees is challenging, it is a competitive space and what you do now can have a massive impact on your company.

Writing a job description?

We have produced a template to help you create the perfect job profile. We can also send you job descriptions, just enter the job title required and we will share.

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Here are 8 considerations when writing your job description:

  1. Consider the position through the eyes of the applicant to understand what is important to them.
  2. Create a great first impression of the company. Excellent employer branding and a fantastic candidate experience are essential – this is your chance to build candidate desire.
  3. Have a cohesive and positive message about the company – put personality into it.
  4. Make an exceptional pitch – share history about the company – telling the story is important.
  5. Share the company vision & the role this person is expected to play.
  6. Clearly outline the job duties – be truthful but make it captivating.
  7. What experience must the applicant have, what is their educational background, what skills are required, what targets will they carry, how many years of experience do you require?
  8. What salary is competitive, what is your commission structure, what career path can you offer?

For further guidance on this topic, read What To Include In A Job Description.

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