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Branded Vs Non Branded Job Adverts

Branded vs Non Branded Job Adverts

When you consider advertising a job online, there are some important decisions to make. One of which is whether to go for branded or non-branded job advertising.

So what is the difference?

Branded An advert which includes your company logo and company name as if you have advertised the position directly For e.g“ We have an opportunity for an Administrator…”

Non Branded This would usually have your agents branding. You would also be spoken of as the 3rd person. For e.g. “Our client is looking for an Administrator…”


Branded is a more expensive way of advertising. If you are using a 3rd party agent (such as a fixed cost recruiter). They will look to charge between 50% and 100% more per role.

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Generally speaking, the quality of candidates is higher with branded advertising. Candidates can see who they are applying to and can do some research before applying. That way when you contact them, they are more likely to be receptive to your call. If of course, your company have a terrible reputation or brand, then you’d better stick with unbranded.

Employer Branding

72% of leading recruiters agree that employer branding has a positive impact on hiring. 88% of millennials will research a company before applying which will lead to a better match.

According to a study by LinkedIn in 2015, 62% of millennials (probably much higher now) will also visit your company’s social media site to find out more information; so, if placing a branded advert it is worthwhile making sure that your social media sites represent your brand and company culture

Do you want candidates to call you?

If you have a position that is in high demand, a branded advert will mean that some candidates will probably call. This can be a great thing as it shows who is keen. On the other hand, it could cause some companies an admin headache. If the latter then stick with unbranded and let your agent field all the unwanted calls.


  • Does my company have a great brand and would people love to work for us?
  • Would it be great for some candidates to contact us directly about vacancies?
  • Are we in a competitive market for talent?
  • Am I happy to spend more on my advert to increase the chance of converting a candidate?

If yes to the above, then it would well be worth considering branded advertising.

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