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December Job Market: What To Expect In December

December Job Market

Our December newsletter highlights our latest recruitment articles, which, this month, includes useful guides and templates for various high-priority employment tasks. Also, we delve into what to expect in December and why it might still be a good time to advertise for a job and beat your competition to find the best candidate.

Highlights and key takeaways:

  1. Application numbers show a marginal drop in December. However far fewer jobs are advertised, giving you greater exposure.
  2. Job seekers are most active on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  3. Advertising for a job in the last week of December can give your company an edge over its competition in January.

Latest recruitment articles:

What to expect in December?

It seems we are asking almost every day whether it is a good time to advertise. If so, which week in December is the best time to advertise? There isn’t a straight answer to either of these questions.

Whilst applications drop, this is only marginal, as shown below in a report from If you are in a competitive industry, you might actually find it is a good time to advertise as the number of jobs available could drop significantly, which means less choice for the job seekers and gives you an advantage over competitors in January: “the early bird catches the worm.” 

What time of the month in December is best to advertise?

Whilst the last week in December may receive marginally lower applications, as shown in the table, with a full month of advertising, you benefit from most of January, too. The table may suggest that later months are busier. However, this is more reflective of the market.

Applications By Day

If you want to advertise any roles between Xmas and New Year, or even during the first couple of days in January, please try and get them to us on or before the 21st of December. This will also give us time to review your content and make any meaningful suggestions. If you run out of time, don’t panic; we’ll still be open remotely.

If you need any help, advice, or guidance, please contact Joel, Debby, or Neeta.

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