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Do I Need Facebook In My Life?

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is the largest, and most widely used social media network in the world. It was set up to connect with friends and family, allowing individuals to post pictures, update statuses, and send messages. Basically a place for fun. It is no surprise that more recently however,  companies have started looking to Facebook to help them fight the battle for top talent.

The problem is, it is virtually impossible to search candidates unless you already have an affinity to that user. And even if you do find a candidate, there is no way of assessing their experience before making an approach. So how can Facebook help you?

Read Advertising On Facebook.

Basically, the companies who use Facebook, do so to build a presence, gain brand awareness and draw people to them. They recognise the importance of company image in this competitive candidate market. Companies of all sizes now invest the time in building their own Facebook Page. To do this click here. On your page, include comprehensive company info, logo and  photos. Once set up remember to like your Page and share it with friends, employees, suppliers or buyers. Once they become followers your online community will evolve.

You will need to post at least once week, sharing interesting news or helpful information. Respond to all those who comment on your updates. When somebody responds to your post, their friends will see the activity and again your audience will widen, and brand awareness will develop. Many companies who use Facebook regularly are now not only posting comments, but  are posting on-line presentations and webinars.

Posting Job Ads On Facebook

When you have jobs to advertise take some time to write a snappy but professional job description, and perhaps include photos to make the post stand out. Post your job ads in the “share” section of your page, and this will be seen by your fan base. Don’t forget to ask current employees to send out the job posting, with links to your page.

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Facebook is indeed an important and powerful recruitment tool, but it is not one for the impatient among us. Facebook needs a medium term strategy, and is primarily about building a positive profile of your business. Making your business a place that people want to work, which is as relevant whether you recruit once, or a hundred times a year.

Facebook is set to become increasingly relevant when recruiting. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are  currently developing “Facebook At Work”.  My guess is, this will close the gap between social and professional networks, offering a real alternative to LinkedIn.

I hope this offers you some useful tips about why and how you should use Facebook. If you have any further question please get in touch.

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