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Hiring A Graphic Designer

Hiring A Graphic Designer

If your company conducts marketing or has media, then you almost always will need the service of a graphic designer. Graphic designers provide their services in a number of ways, including working full time for a company or on a freelance or contract basis.

If you are on the hunt for a new graphic designer, you need to understand what they do, where to find one, and what skills, qualifications, and experience to look for.

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To help you find a graphic designer, we look at everything you need to know to hire one.

What Graphic Designers Do

Graphic designers are visual creatives who work with either offline or online digital media or both. They are involved with projects from the very beginning, providing insights, ideas, and suggestions throughout the concept, planning, design, creation, and approval phases.

A graphic designer uses their skills to create artwork, company logos, website graphics, infographics, and a wide range of marketing materials. They coordinate activities with outside agencies or contractors such as web designers, printers, and marketing agencies when needed.

Best Places To Find A Graphic Designer

There are many job boards that can help you to find graphic designers, using a platform like ours, you can post across multiple job boards using a single job advert or job description, all for a low cost, flat fee.  

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Qualifications Versus Experience

Professionals working as graphic designers can have formal qualifications, experience only, or no work experience and are looking for a graphic design apprenticeship.

Formal qualifications include degrees in graphic design or related subjects such as visual communication, illustration, or product design. Hiring a qualified graphic designer ensures they have relevant knowledge across all design methods. They will understand design methodologies such as website design, marketing, corporate identity, production, multimedia, advertisements, and product packaging.

However, many graphic designers have built their careers from the ground up and on experience alone. If you consider this type of candidate, ensure they are competent using desktop publishing tools and computer-aided design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark.

Regardless of whether you are considering graduates, unqualified, or apprentice graphic designers, it would be best if you looked to be presented with a strong portfolio of completed projects, which demonstrates they have an eye for visual composition.

If you are hiring a freelance graphic designer, it is vital that you check what projects they are currently working on and whether or not they have the capacity to work to your deadlines.

Creating A Job Description And Job Advert

If you are hiring a graphic designer, you can create the perfect graphic designer job description and arrange your job board advertising to attract candidates from hundreds of job boards.

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