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When Do Job Seekers Apply For Jobs?

When Do Job Seekers Apply For Jobs?

When do you think job seekers are most active? The weekend? Or during the week?

Hiring People have a sister website, called Check-a-Salary (where you can compare UK salaries), which naturally attracts a significant amount of candidate traffic. Analysing that traffic, along with data we get when jobs are advertised (we analysed around 20 million job postings) together with the results from when candidates have applied to jobs we are advertising for clients brings out some surprising trends.

We have always been surprised that website traffic decreases significantly over the weekends; wouldn’t that be when candidates are most likely to be investigating their next career move? Especially with unemployment in the UK being at near all-time lows.

When are candidates active?

We then decided to analyse when candidates apply for the jobs we are advertising for our clients; would there be a similar pattern? The answer was there is, with it being even more pronounced at the weekends; job seekers are applying for jobs primarily Monday – Thursday.

When do candidates apply?

We have been advising clients that advertising a job to go live on a Friday is generally not that great an idea due to when candidates are most likely applying for jobs. With this in mind, we then investigated when are jobs advertised.

When are jobs advertised?

Four things stand out to us:

  1. A significant number of jobs are advertised at the weekend; considering how sites work, this strikes us as not maximising value.
  2. Thursday is the most common day for jobs to be advertised, closely followed by Friday; again not optimal for advertising roles.
  3. Advertising jobs on Monday seems to be a missed opportunity; considering that it is the start of the peak of job applications, companies are likely to get the best response from the data we have.
  4. Friday stands out with a high number of job adverts placed, which will be seen by comparatively few job seekers.

When you advertise your job through Hiring People, we can delay the advert going live; this means that we can get everything set up on Friday, with it going live on Monday, with the goal to increase your response rate. Saying that we do have clients that have great success advertising a job on a Friday, giving them a pool of candidates to review on Monday.

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