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Recruitment Update: June 2023

Recruitment Update: June 2023

We love it when we make alterations to a client’s job advert and observe a surge in exceptional applications. It’s not a success every time, but we believe that this ability distinguishes us from other flat fee recruiters.

While candidate volumes have been gradually increasing since the beginning of the year, remaining steady, there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of job adverts. Although this could imply a shift towards an employer-driven market, unexpected declines in unemployment during Q1 emphasise the continued importance of standing out from competitors.

To provide you with valuable insights that can offer you a competitive advantage over other employers, we are sharing some enlightening statistics:

What job seekers desire!

  • Jobs that include salary information receive 37% more applications.
  • 36% of job seekers consider benefits as one of their deciding factors when choosing a job.
  • A good workplace culture holds greater importance than salary for 56% of individuals.
  • While 49% of millennials aspire to work fully remotely, remote work is no longer a priority for 76% of Gen Z.
  • A lengthy application process dissuades 65% of applicants.

By incorporating these statistics into your recruitment strategy, you can refine your job adverts and better attract top-tier candidates.

Month Total Applications Applications per Job Number of Jobs
2022-05-01 1645740 5.0 331595
2022-06-01 1596363 4.9 326074
2022-07-01 1571631 4.9 321224
2022-08-01 1603343 5.0 322685
2022-09-01 1694817 5.3 320983
2022-10-01 1822807 5.5 329670
2022-11-01 1645032 5.2 315670
2022-12-01 1280103 4.9 259704
2023-01-01 2217225 7.1 312513
2023-02-01 2221731 7.1 313059
2023-03-01 2384130 7.3 326491
2023-04-01 2034895 7.0 291667
2023-05-01 2038375 7.0 289365

The inclusion of salary information in job postings eradicates uncertainty and captures the attention of job seekers actively searching for positions within their desired salary range. Providing transparent compensation details can lead to a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of applications, ensuring a larger talent pool to choose from.

Additionally, recognising the importance of benefits is crucial. A substantial 36% of job seekers prioritise benefits when making their employment decisions. Beyond financial considerations, candidates highly value perks such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, flexible working hours, and opportunities for growth. By emphasising your comprehensive benefits package, you demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being, making your organisation more appealing to talented individuals.

Furthermore, it is vital to understand the impact of workplace culture. An astounding 56% of job seekers prioritise a positive work environment over a higher salary. This highlights the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive culture within your organisation. By showcasing your company’s values, sharing employee testimonials, and promoting initiatives that promote work-life balance and professional development, you can attract candidates who resonate with your organisational ethos.

To effectively target different generations, it is important to tailor your job adverts accordingly. While 49% of millennials desire fully remote work arrangements, the same cannot be said for Gen Z. Remote work is no longer a priority for 76% of Gen Z job seekers. Understanding these generational preferences allows you to refine your job adverts, catering to the specific needs and expectations of each demographic and increasing your chances of attracting the right talent.

Finally, simplifying the application process is paramount. A lengthy and cumbersome application process deters 65% of job seekers. In a fast-paced and competitive job market, simplicity and efficiency are highly valued. By creating a streamlined and user-friendly application process, you remove unnecessary barriers, ensuring that qualified candidates can apply easily and efficiently.

In conclusion, the power of effective job adverts cannot be understated. By leveraging salary information, highlighting benefits and workplace culture, tailoring to generational preferences, maintaining a strong online presence, and simplifying the application process, you can elevate your recruitment efforts and attract top talent. Let us assist you in unlocking the potential of your job

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