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Not Getting Enough Job Applicants From Indeed?

Not getting enough job applicants from Indeed

Indeed is the number one job board globally, attracting hundred’s of millions of unique visitors each month. However, that does not guarantee that your job postings will perform and deliver the number of qualified job seekers you need.

There are many possible reasons why your job post is not getting enough applicants from Indeed. If your company or hiring managers are in this position, or you want to ensure first-time job posting success, you will find this article helpful.

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We reveal our top tips for creating successful job listings and show some of the data behind our analysis and advice.

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Highlight And Key Takeaways:

  1. Reasons job seekers ignore your job postings on Indeed include poorly written job descriptions, incorrect job titles, too specific skills, poor employer brand, and unspecified salary range.
  2. Spend per advert on Indeed varies from £1 to £185.81 with applicant numbers ranging from 0 to 699.

Five Reasons Why Job Seekers Ignore Your Job Postings

Five reasons why job seekers ignore your job postings

Here are five problems that stop the right candidates from completing a job application form or responding to your Indeed job post.

1. The Job Description Is Poorly Written

The foundation of any job advert on Indeed is the job description and too much or too little information puts candidates off applying for jobs. Furthermore, if job descriptions don’t accurately represent companies, the job, or the management team, it is likely to fail.


Ensure the basic information is well organised and structured. The new job should have an enticing overview and reveal the role’s duties and responsibilities. To ensure your job posting has a high level of professionalism, start writing your content using a job description template and then convert it into a job post using a job advert template.

2. The Job Title Is Incorrect

Using the wrong job title is an easy mistake to make but one that guarantees you won’t attract interested candidates that are qualified for the role. While the issue might be the wrong title was selected, it could also be the case that the job title is not clear. Using a title that isn’t a good fit occurs most often when jobs cover numerous responsibilities.


If your company has positions with unique titles, they may be the norm for your employees, but unrecognisable to an external candidate. Before locking in a job title for your job post, perform some industry research and search for similar job posts on Indeed. Armed with this information you can target job seekers effectively and ensure they recognise the job openings you list.

3. The Job Skills Are Too Specific

The job skills are too specific

We appreciate that employers have a list of skills they want when hiring candidates. However, if the skills in the job description are too specific, it can be impossible to find a person with them all.


To get enough interest from candidates, employers should determine which abilities and traits are nice-to-have, and which are must-haves. Many job seekers have transferable or alternative abilities or qualifications, and while their career path may differ slightly from the one you envisioned, the position could be the perfect job for them.

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4. You Have A Poor Employer Brand

The perception of your brand is vital in today’s job market. Job openings exceed job seeker numbers, and with candidates in the driving seat, they can afford to picky. So, it is crucial that you address your brand before, during, and after any drive to hire.

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You should seek feedback from current employees and search for employer review sites, such as Glassdoor. Consider how your company is viewed and what you can do to improve and encourage positive feedback. Employers may need to leverage social media, their careers page, and company blog. Within your regular content release schedule, include an article or two about life at your company, the career path you offer, and positive feedback from existing employees.

Within your job description, get candidates interested in the position you have to fill by sharing:

  • The company’s history and story
  • Company values and its mission
  • Employee success stories and pride in their jobs
  • The company owners’ story
  • Company successes and its market and community impact

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5. The Salary Range Is Unspecified Or Too Low For The Job Seeker

The salary range is unspecified or too low for the job seeker

Many employers do not include a salary or salary range in their Indeed job board postings. They sometimes feel like they need to be secretive or don’t want to put job seekers off with a wage they might feel is insufficient for the position.

Consider, what will happen if you attract job seekers, go through the cost of interviews, and consistently make job offers below the expectations of the people you want to hire? The answers are the recruitment cost is high, you persuade people to take a position that offers no future for them, your staff retention rates fall, and your business suffers.


Omitting a salary from your job description and job positing will hinder your efforts to hire. When you fill in this blank, you are facilitating people’s job search and helping them find the right job.

Download Job Description Template

When you focus on transparency and answer the pay questions, you increase the number of job board applicants who will accept a job offer, deter individuals who send their resume to everyone, and reduce the total cost to hire. Your search to get people hired is fruitful and you are more likely to hire candidates that will have a long career with your organisation.

The Indeed Advertising And Hiring Process

The Indeed advertising and hiring process

Before posting your new job opening:

  1. Write a descriptive job title that clearly defines the role
  2. Create a clear and concise job description rich with job search keywords
  3. Reveal company attributes in your text and update your company’s career page

Posting your jobs:

  1. Login in to your employer dashboard or sign up for an account (you will need company contact details, such as an email address to create an account)
  2. Click> Employers: Post a Job, in the centre of the screen
  3. Follow the information prompts (Job Details, Job Type, Compensation, Job Description, Application Preferences, Employer Assist, and Application Questions)
  4. Review and publish your job

Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Indeed Sponsored jobs

Advertising positions on Indeed may be free, however your jobs and contact information quickly fall down the page of job listings and search results. Maintaining ad and search visibility of your open jobs can only be achieved through sponsored job postings. Read our guide – How Much Should I Spend On Indeed UK?

The dashboard gives you control over the sponsored job and your daily budget. Sponsorship can be turned on and off in the jobs tab, which can be helpful if you need to temporarily pause and restart jobs listing as applicant numbers fluctuate.

The daily budget sets what you are prepared to spend per day promoting your jobs. However, you only incur a cost if job seekers click on your sponsored job posting.

To sponsor your jobs now, click> Sponsor Job on the right-hand side of the job listing, in the jobs tab.

A tip for recruiting managers: You will find this article helpful if you scroll down to the end, where we share our data on Indeed advertising costs and average applicant numbers.

Indeed CV Database

Indeed holds a significant resume database that you can access immediately if you sponsor an ad through Indeed CV Search. The employer dashboard shows job seekers who match your specifications and criteria, and you can select who to contact and head hunt individuals that might be interested in starting a career with your organisation.

You can view CVs and resumes on your terms, even if you are not logged into your account dashboard. Simply activate email alerts and select your preferences.

Claiming Your Indeed Company Careers Page

Claiming your Indeed company careers page

Just like Glassdoor company reviews, employees and candidates can leave reviews and feedback on your business. The company careers page may in fact already exist, so it is vital to claim it.

To claim your Indeed company careers page, go to, search for your business, and click> Claim this company page.

Your Indeed page will help you improve and manage your employment brand. You can add your contact details, link to the page from social media, and embed it on your website. Stats to keep an eye on include compensation & benefits, work & life balance, job security & advancement, culture, and management, with scores ranging from 0 to 5.

Indeed Advertising Costs Vs Job Responses

Our Indeed job posting data is an excellent example of the average advertising cost and number of applicants:

  • Cost/spend per advert varied from £1 to £185.81
  • Number of applications: 699 to 0 (average of 18.33)

Cost of advertising on Indeed

Do you find Indeed recruitment attractive, but simply don’t have the time?

Advertising across multiple career sites and job boards is not something everyone wants to tackle manually. It takes time and money to take a manual approach, so it helps to automate your advertising and posting.

Review our flat fee recruitment packages and branded advertising packages. We make job advertising straightforward and affordable, posting jobs across multiple job boards, including Indeed, in one (or two) clicks.

How To See How Many Applicants On Indeed UK?

To see the number of applicants for a job on Indeed UK, you usually need access to the employer side of the platform. Employers can view the number of applicants through their Indeed account, where they manage job postings. However, as a job seeker, you won’t typically have access to this specific information. Sometimes, job listings may include phrases like ‘Be among the first to apply’ or ‘Popular job’ which can give some indication of the level of interest in the position, but these don’t provide a specific applicant count.

Download Employment Contract Template

What Does Many Applicants Mean On Indeed?

When you see the term ‘Many Applicants’ on a job listing in Indeed, it indicates that the job has received a higher than average number of applications. This is a general indicator that there’s significant interest in the position. However, the exact number of applicants is not specified. This term is used to give candidates an idea of the competition level, encouraging them to ensure their application stands out.

Is The Number Of Applicants On Indeed Accurate?

The number of applicants displayed to employers on Indeed is generally accurate, as it reflects the number of individuals who have submitted their applications through the Indeed platform. However, it’s important to note that this number might not include applicants who applied through other channels, such as a company’s own website or other job boards. Therefore, while it’s a useful metric, it may not represent the total number of applicants for the job.

Next, read Should I advertise My Job On More Than One Site? and Alternative Ways To Advertise A Job.

Advertising On Indeed FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions you may have after reading our article:

Does Indeed automatically reject candidates?

You can setup automatic responses within the dashboard to facilitate prompt, respectful, and efficient communication, when you decide to no longer consider an candidate.

What are the benefits of posting to Indeed?

Indeed attracts 250 million visitors per month and has a database of 100 million CVs. When you sponsor one of your job adverts, you gain instant access to CVs and resumes that match your criteria.


If you’re finding no response to your applications, it could be due to several factors. In the Indeed job search, for instance, the sheer volume of applicants can mean your application gets lost in the shuffle. To stand out, tailor your CV and cover letter to match the job details in each listing. This shows employers that you’ve taken time to understand the role and how it aligns with your skills and experience. Ensure your application is free of errors and highlights your achievements in your current job or past roles. Sometimes, it’s also a matter of timing and persistence – keep applying and refining your approach.


Yes, many employers actively use Indeed for their hiring needs. It’s one of the most popular job search platforms, with a vast number of listings across various industries. Employers post job details on Indeed because it has a large pool of candidates, which increases their chances of finding the right fit for their open positions. However, due to the high volume of applications received through the platform, it’s crucial for job seekers to ensure their applications are detailed, relevant, and stand out.


Not getting hired can be due to a range of reasons. It’s important to review if your skills and experience align well with the job details of the positions you’re applying for. Reflect on your interview performance and consider if there are areas you can improve. Sometimes, it could also be a mismatch between your qualifications and what’s being sought for the current job market. Networking, obtaining additional training or certifications, and seeking feedback on your applications and interviews can provide valuable insights and improve your chances of getting hired. Remember, perseverance is key in the job search process.

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