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September Recruitment Trends And October Predictions

September Recruitment Trends And October Predictions

Here we reveal what is happening with recruitment and what job seekers are looking for in the current market? We share our perspective on recruitment trends and the data that supports our views.

There has been a 76% drop in job applications over two years and a 37% increase in the number of vacancies in just the past six months. These figures mean there are fewer job seekers for more jobs.

However, the good news is candidate registrations have increased between September and October by 7%, although we have seen a slight decrease this week. The increase in candidate registrations is likely down to the end of the furlough scheme, bringing people back to work and making candidates available.

October is likely to be the best time to advertise for a job due to the increased activity. The uplift in candidate activity coincides perfectly with the prime time to get new employees and temporary staff settled in before Christmas.

We have used data from one of the leading UK job websites over two years to show precisely what is happening.

Most Searched words during September

Search Keyword WoW % Change
administration 0%
work from home 0%
hgv driver -39%
part time 0%
administrator 0%
manager 0%
driver -28%
accountant -3%
finance -4%
warehouse -10%
customer service 1%
immediate start -13%
admin 7%
accounts assistant 1%
receptionist -4%
hr -10%
delivery driver -22%
marketing 4%
cleaner 2%
remote -7%
By incorporating any of these terms into your job advert this give you more chance of being found by job seekers.

Candidates Top Desired Sectors

Candidate Desired Sector Month on Month Growth
Strategy & Consultancy 35
IT & Telecoms 33
Transport & Logistics 22
Human Resources 20
Energy 20
Recruitment Consultancy 16
Banking 15
Purchasing 14
Legal 14
Financial Services 13

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