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Using OpenAI When Writing Job Adverts

Using OpenAI When Writing Job Adverts

OpenAI is attracting plenty of attention at the moment with its GPT-3 conversational AI systems. Company owners and hiring managers might be getting excited by a tool you can ask any question or ask to perform actions, such as writing job ads, which could aid your recruitment process and improve candidate outreach.

In this article, we take a look at:

  • What is OpenAI GPT-3?
  • What can hiring managers ask ChatGPT to do?
  • How good is ChatGPT at writing job adverts?
  • How to write a better job advertisement with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

What Is OpenAI GPT-3?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research and deployment company. Recent breakthroughs and a leap forward in natural language processing and machine learning called GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) have seen OpenAI release the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT.

AI Job Description Writer

ChatGPT is a free (at-the-moment) tool that looks and feels like part chatbot and part virtual assistant. You can ask questions and follow up questions in a chat-like dialogue, useful if you don’t get the correct answer or need to request a follow-on action.

What Can Hiring Managers Ask ChatGPT To Do?

ChatGPT has many potential uses in the recruiting industry and will undoubtedly help business owners, employers, and recruiters with writing job adverts and other tasks in the hiring process. This artificial intelligence can help save time on time-consuming HR admin tasks and a few of the more creative HR jobs, such as writing job advertisements for job openings.

Here are 10 things ChatGPT can do for a hiring manager in the hiring process:

  1. Write a job advert
  2. Write a job description
  3. Make job advertisements more fun, interesting, or exciting
  4. Research the responsibilities, duties, and tasks for a job title
  5. Recommend relevant skills and qualifications for job ads
  6. Create a list of interview questions
  7. Create email templates for candidate outreach
  8. Summarise job candidates’ CVs
  9. Check if potential candidates (their CV, resume, or cover letter) match a job brief
  10. Provide information on the latest trends and best practices for recruitment processes

We have already researched, explored, and tested OpenAI on various recruitment industry tasks. You may like to read our articles on how good is ChatGPT at writing job descriptions and how is OpenAI’s ChatGPT expected to change recruitment.

AI Job Description Writer

While the ChatGPT artificial intelligence sounds like it may just replace your human HR officer, there are a few things it cannot do. It cannot:

  1. Add your company culture to job ads
  2. ‘Know’ why your job and job opening is unique
  3. Perform CV/resume screening
  4. Store documents, such as CVs, resumes, or cover letters
  5. Perform operations such as scheduling interviews
  6. Identify potential candidates on social media platforms
  7. Replace your human recruitment team
  8. Post open positions on job boards
  9. Replicate the human interaction required to secure the best candidates
  10. Complete all the sections of a job advert template

How Good Is ChatGPT At Writing Job Adverts?

We asked ChatGPT to write a fence installer job advert:

We asked ChatGPT to write a fence installer job advert

As you can see, you are unlikely to secure qualified candidates based on the job advert ChatGPT produces. There is nothing incorrect in what OpenAI’s artificial intelligence has created, but it should only be viewed as a good starting point. To engage candidates, your job posting must get more specific and talk about your particular role.

So, how do you write better job ads with ChatGPT?

AI Job Description Writer

How To Write A Better Job Advertisement With OpenAI’s ChatGPT

To write better job advertisements with OpenAI and attract your target audience, you must focus on including all the things that make this job, your team, and the company culture unique.

You can ask the OpenAI artificial intelligence to include an ability or skill your company is missing or a qualification, such as a diploma or a degree. You might ask ChatGPT to rewrite and include your company mission statement. If you have been writing job descriptions that include this information, ask the AI to rewrite the text in the format of a job ad.

Attract the most qualified candidates

You will also find that the initial results from this AI language model are a little dry. While a factual job advert is ideal for some roles, you might, for example, ask ChatGPT to make your job advertisement fun, engaging, exciting, or creative. These types of job ads are ideal for compelling the most qualified candidates to apply for job titles such as marketing executive.

Increase recruitment process engagement

You should also watch out for some of the shortcomings of GPT-3. For example, language models use the same text often, and constantly repeated phrases feel unnatural to a human reader, and that won’t help increase job applications.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Write Job Adverts

Ready to get started using AI to write job adverts? Discover how to use artificial intelligence to create job adverts in the following business sectors and use our AI tool and algorithm to craft your JA:

AI Job Description Writer


OpenAI and ChatGPT are not specifically recruitment technology. This artificial intelligence is powerful and will help the recruitment industry, now and more so in the near future (an improved GPT-4 is scheduled for release later this year). What it can do very well, is take a list of your unique job and company requirements and characteristics and infuse them into job adverts, ready for job advertising on the UK’s top job boards.

Job Ad Writing FAQs

Here we answer your questions on how to write a job advert.


ChatGPT’s AI-generated recruitment texts are only as good as the information you ask the artificial intelligence to include. The more information you include about what makes your job openings and company unique, the better job advertisement or other recruitment texts the AI produces. ChatGPT may repeat phrases often and if it isn’t sure about an answer, it will give its best guess, rather than say it does not know. All text should be checked by a human for correctness and to ensure bias do not creep in that may put you on the wrong side of employment and recruitment law.

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