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What Will The New Normal Look Like For The Recruitment Industry

What Will The New Normal Look Like For The Recruitment Industry

It’s all we have been able to talk about for the last year or so because, let’s face it, other than Christmas, not a lot has been happening, or has it?

For many people, business appears to have slowed somewhat. However, there have been some industries that have benefitted from the implemented changes. These benefits will only continue to grow once the lockdown has eased, so what will that mean for both internal and external recruitment

Let’s take a look, shall we:

Because we were (or are depending on where you live) required for safety reasons to not meet face to face, many companies have started to embrace digital communication channels that they might have overlooked before. 

Embracing Digital Communication

Tools that might have been considered an unnecessary or a luxury expense all of a sudden became necessary. Business owners that preferred more traditional means of communication had a learning challenge thrown at them. Although this has helped tech companies thrive, it has actually helped businesses lower recruitment costs.

With low-cost recruitment discovered, it is hard to see these companies turning back to their old ways. This would also spare them from the costs of travel, food, and other expenses when conducting business meetings.

Replace References With Proof

We all put references on our CV, but does anyone check them? Very few employers do. However, it is becoming more and more common for interviewers to set small tasks for their candidates to verify that they are capable of performing in the role and identify who is most suitable. While in many ways this is much better than checking references, it is still something we encourage employers and recruiters to do.

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Save Costs With Remote Working

While many people will be looking forward to being back in the office enjoying the usual banter, many people might be thankful for the flexible working hours. Some people find working from home to be less distracting, while others may be more productive in an office setting. By rotating your workforce, you can employ more staff without congesting up parking areas. You will also eliminate costs such as rent & energy as your company expands. 

Access To A Better Range Of Candidates

You get to choose from a much wider pool of candidates, thus raising the quality of the candidates you receive. You will also be able to work more with candidates who may have a disability of some sort.

A More Productive And Happier Workforce

These changes benefit the employer greatly and the employee as they have greater flexibility to choose how and where they work. As a result, they will be more productive, increasing performance and productivity further. If you are looking to reduce job recruitment costs and avoid high agency fees, look no further. Hiring People put the power back into your hands by helping you to write your own job descriptions and advertise them across multiple online job boards and social media platforms with our flat fee recruitment business model. 

All you need to do is browse our job description template library to find the role best suited to the position you wish to fill and get in touch with our sales team. Our team will be happy to show you how it all works, including finding the best candidate, choosing the most relevant to interview, and refining the selection process.

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