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Advertising on Indeed
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Indeed Employer

Indeed is a popular job site for recruiters, with millions of candidates across many industries making an Indeed job search each month. Whether you are hiring dream talent or recruiting for hard to fill positions, Indeed advertising will help you recruit high quality candidates, in any field.

Indeed hiring services are available through two job ad levels, free and sponsored. However, a free job post loses visibility quickly, making sponsored jobs the most effective route to ensuring high-quality, relevant candidates apply.

Advertise on Indeed

You can advertise on Indeed along with other leading jobs sites including Reed, Guardian, TotalJobs, and Monster Jobs by using a multiposter job advertising agency.

Our Premium, Corporate, Branded, and Targeted advertising packages all include an Indeed Sponsored job post, with jobs also posted on major job boards, such as those mentioned above. Best of all, you do not need to perform an Indeed sign up, or a sign up for each individual job board.

Indeed job adverts

You can find dream talent for regular roles, niche positions, and specialised positions, through:

  • A Free Job Advert
  • A Premium Job Advert (Sponsored)
  • Indeed CVs

Free Job Advert

You can add a free job ad on Indeed (quality standards apply), giving you access to a vast amount of candidates for free. Free job ads must adhere to specific rules for quality and usage limits; this is done to maintain the Indeed job site’s high-quality standard.

Premium Job Advert

A sponsored job ad on Indeed receives up to 5x more clicks than free listings. Not only do sponsored posts draw targeted jobseeker traffic, clicks are from quality applicants, which means you are 4.5x more likely to hire.

When people search for a job on Indeed, sponsored ads are at the top of the results, and these ads are highlighted in the job listings to make them more visible.

Explore our Indeed data by reading: Not Getting Enough Applicants from Indeed?

The cost of sponsoring an ad is flexible and you set your budget. Your actual budget is only used when someone clicks the ad. When you create your job ad, you choose how much you want to spend to make your job ad stand out.

Indeed CV

Indeed CV has a choice of monthly plans starting with a standard subscription of £75 per month that gives you 30 contacts a month. A Professional Subscription gives you 100 contacts for £200 with a 20% saving if you buy an annual subscription.

Benefits of advertising on Indeed

“Indeed” has over 250 million people visit their sites every month and over 75% of their job searches are on mobile devices. Indeed is the number one external source for hiring, and you can take advantage of these benefits of advertising on Indeed:

Mobile Recruiting

As the number one mobile job search app on iPhone and Android across more than 20 countries, your job ad will reach more people than ever before. Indeed Apply allows users to apply directly from their mobile devices, so relevant candidates can apply easily.

Featured Employer

You can maximise the exposure of your job ad, job title, and company brand by becoming a Featured Employer. Your spending level will determine how you become a featured employer; once you reach this level, your job ad is more visible, and you get more branded ad impressions.

Company Pages

Indeed Company Pages are created using simple and powerful tools that let you show candidates why your company is a great place to work. Pages have ratings and reviews from current and former employees. Job seekers can choose to follow a company page, and they will get notifications whenever you post a job.

Indeed Assessments

With an Indeed sign in, you can conduct Indeed Assessments, a free candidate screening tool that lets you test applicants skills. When you post a job on Indeed, you can view their customised screening page to select tests from their library of 135 skills tests.

Information you need to advertise on Indeed and job boards

To post a job on Indeed or a job board, you will need basic information such as the company name, job title/job titles, job locations/multiple locations, and the details of your application process. When posting jobs, you will also need to create job descriptions.

The job description is vital for many reasons. The job post not only lays out what your ideal candidates looks like, but also affects its success in appearing in candidates’ search results. To gain more visibility for your job post, include keywords that candidates are likely to search for, when filtering job postings.

Hiring Resources

Employers find posting jobs and screening CVs time-consuming. However hiring managers and employers alike, can avoid the time costs and hassle by automating the recruitment process with our applicant tracking system and tools.

View our:

Indeed Employer FAQs

Is it free to post jobs on Indeed? / Do you have to pay to post a job on Indeed?

Jobs can be posted for free, however, you will need to sponsor your job advert to improve its visibility and attract a large number of candidates. You will need an Indeed login for employers. In addition to the Indeed signin, it is helpful to use the Indeed UK phone number for posting assistance.

When should I sponsor jobs?

If you need to recruit urgently, have a niche job post, or a highly competitive job title, a sponsored job post is essential.

What are Indeed Assessments?

Indeed Assessments test the skills of candidates, such as attention to detail, reliability, work style, and customer focus.

  • Type: General Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 10 jobs added every second globally

  • Number of users: 250 million monthly visitors

  • Prices:
    • Job Advert: Free

    • Sponsored Job Advert: You set a budget

    • Indeed CV: Standard subscription of £75 per month

Telephone: 0345 3000 406

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