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Actor Job Description

We are recruiting for a trained Actor to perform in shows. The Actor will be required to gain an intimate understanding of their character, study all lines and directions, and then proceed to perform during the final stages of production. You should also represent our cast at promotional events.

To succeed you should be able to discern whether to display strict adherence to the script or to improvise. A memorable Actor will feed off the team’s energy to produce realistic and moving performances.

Actor Responsibilities:

  • Providing assistance during casting calls to aid in the selection of suitable applicants.
  • Participating in table readings to become acquainted with the script.
  • Studying scripts to ensure that you memorise pertinent lines verbatim.
  • Committing lyrics, coordinated movements, and choreographed dances to memory.
  • Attending small group meetings and dress rehearsals ahead of the final show.
  • Heeding instruction regarding your movement and acting from the Director.
  • Performing in each of the final shows.
  • Communicating with fans of our work to maintain our presence within the audience.
  • Representing our team at press-related events.
  • Pitching new ideas that seem appropriate for our show.

Actor Requirements:

  • Ability to utilise suitable acting techniques.
  • Demonstrable experience as an Actor, preferably with a production of a similar size.
  • Knowledge of appropriate hair, makeup, and attire for various types of performances.
  • Exceptional reading, movement, improvisation, and memorisation skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, including the capacity to project your voice with clarity.
  • Ability to maintain a clear distinction between your own identity and that of your character.
  • Creative, tenacious, and grounded.
  • Formal, recognised Acting training.

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To download Actor Job Description today just enter your email address!


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