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Art Teacher Job Description

Art Teachers work in primary and secondary schools, where they provide instruction on drawing, colouring, and painting, as well as art history.

We are searching for an Art Teacher to join our team. Working as an Art Teacher your responsibilities include sourcing art supplies, preparing lessons, and providing developmentally-appropriate instruction on art techniques. We expect you to supervise lessons to ensure that learners interact in a supportive and respectful manner.

To excel as an Art Teacher, you should be able to encourage creativity and self-expression among students. Ultimately, an outstanding Art Teacher will be attentive and responsive to themes in students’ art that suggest distress in their personal lives.

Art Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Plan lessons on art and art history in accordance with students’ learning objectives.
  • Prepare the classroom by gathering and setting up equipment.
  • Develop students’ drawing, colouring, and painting techniques.
  • Provide instruction on the use of media including graphite and charcoal pencils, as well as oil, acrylic and watercolour paint.
  • Teach students about art history.
  • Assign and grading projects and examinations.
  • Record and reporting on students’ progress.
  • Ensure that the classroom is clean after each lesson.
  • Monitor inventory and sourcing art supplies, as needed.
  • Attend faculty and parent-teacher meetings.

Art Teacher Requirements:

  • Prior experience as an Art Teacher.
  • Demonstrated excellence in a variety of art techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Capacity to supervise group work.
  • Outstanding planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Supportive, flexible disposition.
  • Available to work during evenings, on occasion.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with teaching qualifications, or equivalent.

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To download Art Teacher Job Description today just enter your email address!


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