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Building Inspector Job Description

Building Inspectors determine the structural soundness of buildings and construction projects. They are responsible for inspecting and assessing the structural quality of a building and ensuring compliance with zoning regulations, national building codes, and contract specifications.

We are recruiting for a qualified Building Inspector for construction and building inspections. As a Building Inspector, you will be required to conduct inspections before, during, and after construction to ensure that the building and construction site complies with safety, structural, and building code regulations. You will also be required to issue violation notices, stop-work orders, and permits for construction.

To succeed you should have advanced engineering and construction knowledge, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to make difficult decisions. Ultimately, a first-class Building Inspector quickly spots safety and structural issues and can make clear decisions without emotional influences.

Building Inspector Responsibilities:

  • Review blueprints and building plans.
  • Conduct land surveys prior to construction.
  • Check foundation depth and the strength of construction materials.
  • Examine cranes and other lifting equipment.
  • Inspect the building structure, plumbing, electrical, sewerage, and heating systems for safety and specification compliance.
  • Maintain construction logs and ensuring that the construction site adheres to all safety codes.
  • Measure dimensions to verify alignment, elevation, and levelling of the building.
  • Monitor plumbing, heating, and electrical installations.
  • Issue of violation notices and stop-work orders.
  • Sign off and issue construction and occupation permit.

Building Inspector Requirements:

  • Proven work experience as a Building Inspector.
  • Knowledge of construction design techniques.
  • Knowledge of construction materials, plumbing, electrical systems, heating systems, and sewerage systems.
  • Advanced mathematical skills.
  • Ability to make difficult decisions.
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints and construction designs.
  • Ability to travel and work irregular hours.
  • A good eye for detail.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture or Building Inspection Technology.

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