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Field Officer Job Description

We are hiring a Field Officer to evaluate our current programmes and we expect you to be able to use insights obtained to steer and supervise the deployment of new programs.

Working as a Field Officer you will be required to construct evaluative frameworks, liaise with stakeholders on the ground and then create data-driven undertakings that fully align with our stated aims.

To excel as a Field Officer, you should maintain a trustworthy presence among our program’s beneficiaries. Invariably, an excellent Field Officer will substantiate new concepts with all requisite field data.

Field Officer Responsibilities:

  • Formulate evaluative resources to guide your fieldwork.
  • Inspect delivery sites to ascertain the appropriateness of contemporary conditions.
  • Confer with project beneficiaries and support staff to evaluate uptake, pitfalls, and areas necessitating expansion.
  • Collect samples, where possible, for subsequent inspection.
  • Input data into suitable software and then arranging this to facilitate analysis.
  • Extract and report on data-driven conclusions for each salient undertaking.
  • Revise and create novel implementations that cover shortfalls in extant initiatives.
  • Update your expertise by employing a proactive approach to learning.

Field Officer Responsibilities:

  • Completion of a formal, industry-specific training program.
  • Demonstrable experience as a Field Officer.
  • Proficient in relevant data storage and analysis software.
  • Ability to procure, house, and inspect high-quality data independently.
  • Commendable program and capacity development abilities.
  • Strong verbal, written, and statistical skills.
  • Exceptional supervision and relationship-building abilities.

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