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Framing Carpenter Job Description

We are recruiting for an experienced Framing Carpenter to construct the framework of buildings and other structures according to construction plans. The Framing Carpenter’s responsibilities include using plumb bobs and levels to ensure that structures are exactly vertical or horizontal, constructing window and door frames as well as staircases and flooring, and installing temporary supports for structures as required. You should also be able to hang drywall over the completed framework.

To succeed as a Framing Carpenter, you should be able to interpret blueprints and have sound knowledge of building codes and safety regulations. Ultimately, an exceptional Framing Carpenter should demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Framing Carpenter Responsibilities:

  • Measure, cut and shaping lumber, wood, and other building materials.
  • Attach building materials using screws, nuts, and bolts.
  • Erect temporary structures such as scaffolds and hoists.
  • Perform repairs on existing framework structures that are damaged or structurally unsound.
  • Analyse blueprints and drawings to determine the structural dimensions of the framework to be constructed.
  • Analyse construction plans to identify potential structural problems.
  • Examine building materials to identify any defects.
  • Perform clean ups of job sites by clearing away all carpentry debris and waste.
  • Construct wooden concrete forms to aid the construction team in erecting various concrete structures.

Framing Carpenter Requirements:

  • Sound knowledge of building codes and safety regulations.
  • Physical strength and stamina.
  • The ability to interpret blueprints.
  • The ability to safely use hand and power tools.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Associate’s degree in Carpentry or completion of a carpentry apprenticeship.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction is advantageous.

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