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Membership Coordinator Job Description

We are recruiting for a Membership Coordinator to be the liaison between our company and our members. Working as Membership Coordinator you will be responsible for all aspects of membership, from serving as the first point of contact for membership related questions to organising events to recruit new members. Your jobs will include maintaining records, tracking membership figures, and coordinating with the accounting department regarding the payment of membership fees.

To succeed as a Membership Coordinator you should maintain membership numbers and ensure their satisfaction. Suitable Membership Coordinators should be an outstanding communicator with a talent for building strong relationships between members and the organisation.

Membership Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Handle all questions, information requests, and complaints regarding membership.
  • Process membership applications, renewals, and resignations.
  • Maintain and updating membership records.
  • Assist with member communication activities.
  • Collect data, tracking membership statistics, and preparing reports.
  • Develop and implementing strategies to recruit new members.
  • Coordinate with the accounting department to track membership revenue.
  • Prepare membership marketing materials.
  • Organise events and activities for existing and prospective members.

Membership Coordinator Requirements:

  • Basic computer skills.
  • Basic Arithmetic Skills.
  • Valid Driver’s License.

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