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Don’t Trust Job Board Resellers

Don’t Trust Job Board Resellers

In recent years, job board resellers have been disruptive in the recruitment market, more specifically in the job board industry.

This coincides with the widespread use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) which enable people to advertise their positions on multiple job boards in one process, as well as the evolvement of direct recruitment and people recruiting across social channels.

The good news is that these developments have contributed significantly to companies reducing their recruitment costs plus they now have a wider network of people to engage with and are able to source hard-to-find people quickly.

The downside, however, is that many companies are now benefiting from these developments, so it’s even more competitive, but it is readily available to the SME market and more and more companies are now benefiting.

What Can I Expect From The Job Board Reseller?

Firstly, job board resellers rarely insist that you sign a contract so you can use them when you want to & you have free access to their ATS.

Like the job boards, they offer their clients account management services, they will help you optimise your advert, provide a job advert template, and in many cases, they will even write it for you.

You can also recruit as many people from each campaign as you wish. So, compared to traditional agencies, it is an excellent way to save bucket loads of money!

What Jobs Can I Advertise With Job Board Resellers?

The first action of a Recruiter from a traditional recruitment company is normally to place an advert across all the job boards. In the recruitment world, there is nearly nothing better than the perfect CV landing on your desk ‘just’ for placing a job advert.

Considering that nearly all candidates now look for their next job online, it means that if you work with a reseller, because of the maximum exposure that your advert will get, there is every chance the candidates you are targeting will see the advert, regardless of the position or industry.

What Is It Going To Cost Me & What Savings Will I Make?

You can let the recruiter benefit from placing an advert but if you do, there is a chance you’ll be charged up to 30% of the person’s basic salary when the advert could have been bought for less than £200!

When you place an advert with a reseller, it will be for a comparable price to one of the leading job boards – roughly £200, as mentioned. Resellers can do this because they buy in high volume and pass their discount on to you. If you were to advertise on every job board directly, the total cost would be over £1,000. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Working Directly With The Job Boards?

By and large, the services are similar. Job boards offer a competitive price and often give you access to their CV database as part of the deal.

The main advantages of working with a reseller are the low costs and superior coverage. Generally, resellers don’t have their own database, however, for a fixed fee, they can search across the databases that they have access to.

So, What Should You Watch Out For?

You can shop around but mainly the price will be roughly the same.  HOWEVER, make sure you find out which job boards your advert will be placed on.

The nature of the relationships that the resellers have with the job boards means that things change and the resellers need to make some margin. Some resellers appear to work with all job boards, but the truth is that they might not actually place the advert across all the job boards advertised. It might be that they are ambiguous about their network or that they offer more job boards but in a different package to the one you are looking at.

My advice, therefore, would be to make sure you know which job boards your advert will be on and if you advertise regularly it is worth trying several of them; after all contracts aren’t required!

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