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Gen Z Candidates Are No Longer Prioritising Remote Working

Gen Z Candidates Are No Longer Prioritising Remote Working

Remote working was certainly a powerful recruitment benefit for UK small and medium business owners to offer when seeking to recruit candidates during 2022. However, the latest research from Fiverr suggests that Gen Z candidates, who are still unattached to the traditional 9-5 working model, are not necessarily seeing remote working as the solution or opportunity that may encourage them into your employ.

According to Fiverr’s recent study, flexible working hours (44%), a positive and friendly work culture (35%), and the opportunity to build skills (34%) are the top three priorities for Gen Z in the UK when considering employment.

Interestingly, contrary to common assumptions, remote work was found to only be the fourth influential factor, with only 24% of respondents stating that it would affect their job decision. These results indicate that UK Gen Z values the ability to control their working hours more than the location of their workplace. They prioritise having the freedom to work at their own pace rather than being constrained to a typical 9-5 job or a five-day workweek.

How Gen Z View Their Careers In 2023

Half of Gen Z workers say their career goal is to be ‘financially comfortable.’ However, many do not see a traditional job as the only way to meet this goal. Only one-fifth say they live to work and a third say passion drives their work ethic. Furthermore, 39% of Gen Z respondents said they believe that they can find fulfilling work in a freelance or full-time position with or without a uni degree.

Gen Z Becomes Motivated To Be Their Own Boss

Gen Z Becomes Motivated To Be Their Own Boss

UK Gen Z is a generation that is driven by the desire to be their own boss, with 36 percent stating that their ultimate goal is to own their own business or work freelance, and 22 percent considering being independent and driven as a top career priority. Consequently, many are opting for a freelance or self-employed career path.

In the present economic climate, freelancing or self-employment is perceived by many as a viable option. 38 percent view freelancing as a good way to earn money in the face of rising inflation, while 28 percent recognise that freelancing enables people to adjust their rates according to fluctuating living costs. Additionally, 27 percent of respondents indicate that they would consider freelancing if they were affected by layoffs, although 31 percent express concern that freelancing full-time may not be a stable career choice in the current environment.

Gali Arnon, CMO of Fiverr, said “As the latest generation to enter the workforce, Gen Z is at the forefront of the latest trends transforming the world of work. Amid an economic downturn and a rapidly shifting labour market, we’re seeing Gen Z continue to prioritise flexibility and passion-driven work, making freelance careers an increasingly appealing option

Recruitment News Summary

A summary of recruitment news headlines and trends becoming apparent in Q1 of 2023, further includes:

  • Pay increases are expected to have a high-end limit of 6%
  • Three-quarters of employers are asking candidates to create user accounts when applying for jobs online, doubling application time and effort
  • Almost half of employers are ghosting job applicants
  • 95% of job ads continue to fail to disclose the salary
  • A record number of UK staff have been signed off work for physical and mental health issues
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