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How Can ChatGPT Help Conduct job Interviews?

How Can ChatGPT Help Conduct Job Interviews?

AI and ChatGPT can help Hiring Managers in the recruitment process in many ways. OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help with writing job descriptions and adverts, among other admin-related tasks. You can explore these topics further by reading our articles on How Good Is ChatGPT At Writing Job DescriptionsUsing OpenAI When Writing Job Adverts, and How Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT Expected To Change Recruitment.

In this article, we put focus on candidate interviews and explore how busy Hiring Managers can leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help with the format and the interview process. In particular, we look at:

  • How ChatGPT can help with scheduling interviews
  • How ChatGPT can help write screening interview questions from CVs
  • How ChatGPT can formulate interview questions from job descriptions
  • How ChatGPT can help score candidate responses
  • How ChatGPT Says It Can Assist Recruiters With Interviews

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How OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Help With Scheduling Interviews

Scheduling Interviews With Suitable Candidates

ChatGPT can be used to help with scheduling interviews for potential candidates. However, ChatGPT cannot actually schedule interviews for a hiring manager. This AI technology does not have access to your data, calendar, documents, candidate CVs, or cover letters. Scheduling interviews is more in the realm of a good ATS (Applicant Tracking System). You can find out more on this topic by reading our guide on centralising recruitment with ATS.

So, how can ChatGPT be used to assist recruiters with interview scheduling? It can help you save time by writing interview request emails or other emails such as requests for more information from potential candidates, offer letters, and rejection emails. Furthermore, ChatGPT can be used to write contact emails to qualified candidates in different languages, and job ads and job descriptions for that matter.

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How OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Help Write Screening Interview Questions From CVs

Write Resume Screening Questions With ChatGPT For Your Hiring Process

ChatGPT can create screening interview questions for your job openings and make them relevant to job seekers by reviewing their CVs and resumes. You can use a query such as ‘create interview screening questions for this CV:’ and then copy and paste the data from the candidate’s document. The AI language model

Furthermore, ChatGPT can be used to help with CV and resume screening. You can copy and paste the CV and job requirements into the artificial intelligence and ask how well they match or ask for a list of pros and cons for the applicant. Candidate matching can be a complex process, so with human oversight, ChatGPT can be used to save time and admin.

How ChatGPT Can Formulate Interview Questions From Job Descriptions

Write Interview Questions With ChatGPT

After writing job descriptions and posting job openings, creating interview questions for a particular role can feel like a bit of a chore. While a human element and input will always be required, ChatGPT can be used to create an interview question bank straight from a job description.

AI Job Description Writer

Hiring Process Resources: You can read more on the topic of writing a job description in our article on how to write a job description , by downloading a job description template, or by exploring our free job description library.

You can copy and paste your job description or job brief into AI tools like ChatGPT and ask it to write appropriate interview questions. The AI tool will give you relevant questions that you can include or exclude. You could also ask ChatGPT to write ten behavioural questions for a software engineer or office manager.

To these interview questions, you will certainly need to add yours, but why not use ChatGPT to complete half the job for you?

If you are not conducting a separate screening interview, combine these interview questions with interview questions created by ChatGPT when it reviews a candidate’s CV or resume, and you have the makings of a great interview and candidate experience.

How ChatGPT Can Help Score Candidate Responses

Score Candidate Responses With ChatGPT

Chatgpt can be used to analyse and evaluate candidate answers given during job interviews. It can score responses to standardised questions, create a summary to help you assess candidates, or use its large language model to assess language fluency and communication skills. You can also ask ChatGPT to write follow-up questions based on interview answers and maintain candidate engagement as the recruiting process proceeds into its final stages.

How OpenAI’s ChatGPT Says It Can Assist Recruiters With Interviews

ChatGPT And The Hiring process

To showcase OpenAI’s language model, we though we would ask ChatGPT to tell us how it can help talent acquisition professionals with interviews.

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ChatGPT said:

“As an AI language model, I can provide HR professionals with a selection of resources and suggestions to help conduct effective job interviews. Here are some ways that I can assist:

  1. Preparing interview questions: I can help HR professionals to create a list of questions that are relevant to the position being filled. These can range from standard behavioural questions to more specific technical questions, depending on the requirements of the job.
  2. Conducting mock interviews: HR professionals can use me to simulate mock interviews with potential candidates. This can help to identify areas of weakness or gaps in a candidate’s skill set and prepare interviewers to conduct a more efficient and effective interview.
  3. Providing interview tips: I can offer advice on best practices for conducting successful interviews, such as active listening, maintaining eye contact, and asking follow-up questions. I can also suggest ways to handle challenging interview situations or candidates who may be nervous or unresponsive.
  4. Analysing candidate responses: After conducting an interview, HR professionals can use me to analyse the candidate’s responses and provide insights on their potential fit for the role based on their answers.

Overall, I can assist HR professionals in conducting job interviews by providing them with various tools and resources to help identify the most qualified candidates for the position.”

Job Description And Job Interview FAQs

Here we take on your ChatGPT and talent acquisition questions.


Chatbots can be built into the employment pages of a company website. Chatbots can produce human-like responses and answer frequently asked questions, automating repetitive tasks to give your recruitment team time to focus on other key responsibilities, like conducting face-to-face or virtual job interviews.


AI technology can help with many recruitment processes associated with finding and selecting the most suitable candidates for a job opening. Hiring teams can use ChatGPT or other AI tools with natural language processing to write job descriptions, write inclusive job descriptions, and write job ads.
The generative pre-trained transformer, with human oversight, can create a list of interview questions, source salary benchmarking data (this is pre-loaded data not live data available on salary websites), writing Boolean search strings, research the job market, and draft candidate outreach emails and recruitment marketing content. However, ChatGPT cannot formulate a company culture statement or know your company’s recruitment policies unless you input that data first.
Lacking human skills, such as empathy, creativity, and compassion, no AI tool is going to replace recruiters completely. Unrealistic hiring managers with this aim will struggle to achieve a positive candidate experience and their recruitment efforts will not secure the best candidates.


ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help the recruiting industry with many recruiting tasks in the hiring process. Firstly, it can assist in crafting a comprehensive job description that accurately captures the required job responsibilities, duties, skills, and qualifications. Additionally, it can generate job adverts that can be posted on various job boards.
With ChatGPT, HR professionals in the recruitment industry can also prepare questions for the application and interview process, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Another key feature of ChatGPT is its ability to create job descriptions in different languages, enabling companies to appeal to a wider pool of candidates. Moreover, ChatGPT can assist in crafting email responses to job seekers, helping to manage the influx of applications in a timely and professional manner.
Lastly, ChatGPT can be used by recruitment agencies to make job descriptions more interesting and engaging to attract a higher volume of qualified candidates. By utilising ChatGPT, HR professionals can save time, increase efficiency and improve the quality of their recruitment process.


GPT stands for generative Pre-trained Transformer and it is the software behind ChatGPT. The application leverages a language model developed with a vast quantity of training data, machine learning, and human feedback.

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