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My Life Just Got Better

My Life Just Got Better

How Neil Skelton, MD/ Owner of Chapelton, a national paper carton board supplier, life changed recently.

Neil mentioned that recruiting people in the past had been challenging; “We’ve tried agencies, local newspapers, referrals & job boards. Like many companies, when our business requires staff, we need to act quickly; we want a professional approach to recruitment that is seamless, cost effective and efficient. We want the services that corporates expect, we want technology to help us manage processes and we want to be able to make cost-savings.”

Until recently, I was content knowing that working with agencies who occasionally delivered was a good option. Placing adverts in the local newspaper was, I thought, the best way to source some vacancies and for certain jobs there were lots of different job boards that I could use, depending on the job. However, unknown to me then is that there are other options which I’m delighted to say we are now benefiting from.

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With support from Hiring People, we are now able to post jobs across the leading job boards. We do this simply by emailing them our job description; they will then edit and optimise it, meaning the advert ranks higher across the job boards allowing it to reach as many of those candidates as possible who are online looking for work.


What is great is that we benefit from working with multiple job boards and yet we only have one account manager.

Due to this approach, we reach a much wider audience of job seekers and we receive far more applications than ever before. Not all applicants are ideal, however, we use an applicant tracking system to manage the applications, enabling us to communicate with multiple candidates in one process, whether you wish to invite candidates for interviews or reject them from the process.

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“We’re saving money as well; the adverts are far cheaper than if we were to work with the job boards directly. We make huge savings when comparing what we have in the past paid to recruitment agencies.”

So, Why Did Your Life Change?

“In the past, recruitment has been time-consuming and often underwhelming. The consequence of us not finding staff meant that our business couldn’t operate properly.”

“Previously, we have been forced to work with agencies who often don’t deliver & when they do, we pay high fees. Unfortunately, they don’t guarantee the success of the candidate so, previously we have had to go through the process again shortly after making an appointment.”

“Working with Hiring People means that we recruit for less money and we have a pool of candidates to choose from the next time we need to recruit. Now I get to spend more time working with my clients and my team, which means that I can focus my time on running the business, not recruiting.”

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