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Point-Based Immigration. How Might This Affect Recruitment?

Point-Based Immigration.  How Might This Affect Recruitment?

You might have seen in the news today that the Government is progressing with a points-based immigration system.

Perhaps you have no interest in recruiting from outside the UK. However, with fewer low-skilled workers and record low unemployment, this is likely to impact anyone looking to recruit; regardless of industry or job level.

What can you do to tap into the UK workforce and give
yourself an edge over other employers?

To ensure that no stone is left unturned, explore multiple channels such as worker referral schemes, family and friends, social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. And of course, extensive job advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach both active and passive job seekers.

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If you are thinking of placing a job advert, why limit
yourself to one job site?

Here at Hiring People we can place a job advert across all of the UK’s leading job sites. If you are interested in finding out more, the following link outlines some of the sites included and our fees.

When writing your job advert, think about what sets you apart from other employers – what makes you different? Consider including a salary band which ensures that you are competitive and also still gives you some flexibility at job offer stage. We are always on hand to offer advice on content and happy to share templates of successful adverts. Or even write the advert for you.

If you are you struggling to recruit, and need to recruit from outside the UK, the table below outlines the new point-based system.

How to make up 70 points?

Skill Points
English Speaking 10
Job offer/approved sponsor 20
Proper skill level 20
Salary between £23,040 and £25,599 10
Salary over £25,600 20
Holding a PhD 10
Holding a PhD in Maths, Science or Engineering 20

If you would like to speak to HiringPeople directly about advertising, please call 0330 100 2230

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