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When Should Companies Work With Flat Fee Recruitment Companies?

When Should Companies Work With Flat Fee Recruitment Companies?

Overly Dependent On Traditional Recruitment Agencies?

You should continue working with traditional recruitment agencies if you value the service they provide. However, working with a Flat Fee Recruitment company, in tandem, can be hugely beneficial.

Provided you don’t pay retainer
fees to agencies, this will ultimately give you insight into which positions
you can generate CVs for easily, and which positions you need extended help

Use this opportunity to compare
how quickly you receive CVs, what the quality of CVs is like, and generally
what the availability of candidates is like.

By doing this, you will find that there are many positions you can fill easily by placing job adverts on job boards; yet with trickier positions, whilst this can still be a successful approach, the chances of receiving suitable candidates is slimmer. You can discover the job board sites we recommend in our job board directory.

That said, when you consider the monies you will save, your first action in the future will probably be to place an advert using flat fee recruitment services.

Research Assignments

Agencies will always have their place when it comes to recruitment as clients benefit from headhunting activities – where head-hunters specifically target rival companies for specific skillsets. You certainly won’t get this level of accuracy when you place an advert with flat fee recruiters.

By working with an agency which is
well informed about your industry, you could generate several well-suited
candidates. However, you are unlikely to learn much about the market and what
passive candidates are potentially available.

Working with a recruitment company
on a retainer basis or a flat fee company with similar
will enable you to learn:

  • The landscape of the industry
  • The companies in your sector
  • Who the top employers are
  • The structure of companies & their workforce including:
    • Number of people across functions of business
    • Job titles
    • Salaries
    • Locations where companies and people are based

More Direct Recruitment Required

Working with a flat fee recruiter encourages companies to build an efficient recruitment model and recruitment process, which in turn promotes direct recruitment.

By building a direct model and recruitment process, you are investing in your company and laying the foundations for growth and cost-saving.

A flat fee recruitment agency will provide a network of job boards, an applicant tracking system and a centralised process that everyone works to, which means that the company is cohesive in its approach. The fact that you can recruit multiple people from one job advert, and that every line manager has access to that pool of candidates, means your recruitment efforts are more comprehensive across the company and will certainly help you in saving money.

We highly recommend reading our article Centralising Recruitment With ATS.

Working with a flat fee recruitment company helps to drive a common agenda that embraces the company culture, skillsets required, timescales, cost & business continuity.


Our flat fee recruitment service supports companies by:


Imagine that you placed your job advert with only one of the top five job sites, and let’s assume you receive 10 CVs and of those CVs, only one candidate is suitable for an interview. If this was true, the chances of recruiting from that advert is unlikely.

Preparing for interviews? Visit our Interviews hub for small and medium-sized businesses.

Even if you do decide to recruit
that person, you would have been able to make a much more informed decision if
you were able to interview five candidates.

It might well be that you did in
fact find the best person for the job, but if you didn’t and there were better
options available, think about the impact recruiting an excellent candidate
over an average candidate can have on your company.

Placing an advert with multiple job boards with a flat fee service doesn’t automatically mean you are going to get five times more candidates, but your advert will appear on more leading sites, meaning more candidates will review the job, you will receive more applications, thus giving you more options to choose from.

If the reason you don’t use this approach is because of the inconvenience of placing a job advert on 5 job boards separately, then perhaps the answer is to work with a flat fee recruiter. Flat fee recruitment solutions can post on all of the sites in one process, and will provide you with an applicant tracking system to manage all of your applicants.

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Working with Flat and Fixed Fee Recruitment companies enables you to take control. When you use flat fee recruitment you will reduce the number of requirements that you need to share with agencies, you will save time on briefing multiple companies about your requirements and you will spend less time taking calls, reading emails and setting up interviews.

The applicant tracking system
provided means you can easily invite and reject candidates, making the process
as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Cost savings are huge – by
avoiding agency fees you are saving thousands of pounds. Compared to working
with one job board, working with a Flat Fee Recruiter enables you to reach a
wider audience of job seekers directly and you will benefit from their buying
ability and the discounts that are passed on due to the volume of adverts they

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