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Rail Strike Fuels Google Searches For Remote Jobs

Rail Strike Fuels Google Searches For Remote Jobs

As rail workers conducted three 24-hour nationwide strikes (21, 23, and 25 June) due to pay freezes, Google searches for ‘remote jobs’ surged by 260 per cent. This increase put searches for remote jobs at their highest level in UK internet history.

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The historic high comes on the back of criticism from The Apprentice host Lord Alan Sugar and Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency of the United Kingdom Jacob Rees-Mogg, of those who have not already returned to the office.

The data, brought to light by JohnSlots, were published as thousands of train and London Underground workers walked out for three days, either for the entire day or overnight. The strike caused disruption in London and removed a fundamental mode of transport for those attempting to reach the Glastonbury festival.

The search figures covering the period 5th-11th June showed a three-fold increase compared to the June average. Analysis of Google search data also showed that the highest level of searches was made in Greater London, including Harrow, Wembley, Dagenham, and Barking, closely followed by Leicester in the East Midlands.

Remote work searches were also 25 per cent higher than the previous March 2019 peak, which coincided with the start of the first Covid lockdown. 

As inflation hits a painful 9.1 per cent this week, a JohnSlots spokesperson said, “The surge in search interest comes at a time where employers are fighting a battle for a return to the office.” The spokesperson continued to say, “Amid the cost of living crisis, workers are increasingly attracted to remote-working positions, which afford additional flexibility, especially for parents, without having to pay for a daily commute.”

Commuters are also enduring rising rail fares, which have increased by 2.5 per cent during March.

Joel Aldridge, Director at Hiring People, said, “The increase in searches for remote jobs shows that workers’ expectations have changed, and employers need to carefully consider their flexible working policy when seeking to hire the top talent.”

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