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How to Advertise Your Job on Google Jobs

How To Advertise Your Job On Google Jobs

If you run a Google search “Jobs near me” you are likely to be shown a widget with various jobs located in your vicinity. You may be wondering how you can get your own jobs included with these search results.

From both research and from first hand experience, we have learned the following on how to get your jobs included with the results of Google Jobs.

Steps which we have found are needed to get your job included within Google Jobs

1. Structured Data

The first and most important factor is having what is known as Structured Data (a bit of code which helps Google understand the job) included on the page where you have a single job. If you don’t have this, the chance of being included within the results is close to zero; at the time of writing, Indeed don’t and I have never seen them included within the results.

2. Provide as much information as possible

The more information you can provide both to the user and to Google within the structured data schema markup, the better. Include items such as:

  • Salary
  • Location (including street address)
  • Can the employee work from home?
  • Benefits/perks
  • Employment type
  • Job Hours
  • Taxonomy

3. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are files which are generated to help Google understand your site. It is crucial that you include your jobs within one. It is further advisable to notify Google that your sitemap has been updated.

4. Taxonomies

There are various taxonomies/classifications of jobs. A major database that is regularly used is called Onet. When creating your structured data, it is possible to include a taxonomy lookup reference which is meant to

How do I upload my job to Google Jobs?

As of July 2021, there isn’t a direct way to upload your job to Google Jobs. You need to either have a compatible website, work with a third party, or advertise your job on a job site.

How do I make my website compatible with Google Jobs?

To get your job included on Google Jobs, you need to follow the guidance they have. Your job page needs to have a correctly formatted schema (a machine readable version of your job advert) included. Your job will also need to be included in your sitemap.

How do I make my job rank highly within Google Jobs?

Google Jobs uses a number of factors in displaying results to the user. These include location, job title, salary, general relevance (Google is likely to optimise results for the user using machine learning).

How much does it cost to advertise on Google Jobs?

There is no direct cost to have your jobs included within the search results.

How does someone apply for a job via Google Jobs?

A job seeker will apply for the job on your website (or you may include an email address on your website for job applications)

How many applications will I get from Google Jobs?

The number of applications from Google Jobs will vary depending on location, salary, how optimised the job is and how competitive the job seeking market is.

Does Hiring People publish jobs so they can be found on Google Jobs?

Hiring People publishes jobs such that they can be found on Google Jobs, both directly and via our job site partners.

Does a job on Indeed appear on Google Jobs?

As of July 2021, a job advertised on Indeed generally does not get picked up by Google Jobs.

Does a job on TotalJobs appear on Google Jobs?

As of July 2021, jobs advertised on TotalJobs generally appear on Google Jobs.

Jobs Sites which Appear on Google Jobs

As of August 2021, we are aware of these sites which regularly have jobs found within Google Jobs search results

When advertising your job, we would advise that you work with a job board that is compatible with Google Jobs. Given the current (August 2021) shortage of candidates in the market, we have seen jobs get thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks through the platform. These are candidates that may not have found your job elsewhere.

Why you still need to have your job on multiple job sites

The big catch with Google Jobs is that you have no guarantee that your jobs will be included within the results, even if you have followed best practice guidelines. Only advertising with one provider, and Google chooses not to include your job within the results, will result in fewer candidates. Another key piece is that it is unlikely candidates are registered to receive job alerts from all sites. Improve your job ad visibility and recruitment process by reading How to Advertise A Job.

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