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Reduce Time Spent On Recruitment

We hear this phrase all of the time; time is money. Anything which can be done to reduce your time, by default will be a cost saver!

Whether you are already advertising on multiple job sites, or just one, you should definitely read on!

If you are already advertising on multiple job sites, you are already benefiting from the increased applicants which you will be receiving from the various channels.

However, how you manage all of the separate adverts, along with the applicants, might become increasingly time-consuming, even if you only work with a selection of the sites which we work with. How do you go about reducing the amount of time spent?

The simple answer is to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS allows you to manage all the sites you work with, post job ads and view and manage your applicants. As you can imagine, the time saving through this process is significant.

Read Centralising Recruitment With ATS.

To give an idea of how much time you might be able to save, let’s assume that you are working with 6 sites.

It takes you 5 minutes on each site to post a job advert, that equates to a total time of 30 minutes.

Select a job advertising package to use our ATS.

You then login to each site to review applicants each day for a week. Just the process of logging into each site takes 1 minute, meaning 6 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week. We reckon you could easily save in excess of 1 hour just logging in and posting your advert/viewing applications.

The time savings which you get from the applicant management side of an ATS haven’t been taken into account, and are where the real savings are. The exact amount of time you will save though is ultimately dependent on the number of applicants which you receive.


With an ATS, the following time-saving tools are available:

  • Manage all job adverts in one place
  • View all of your applicants in one place
  • Flag applicants which you wish to follow-up with
  • Mass email your applicants

Additional cost savings can be reached by working with a multi-site advertising agency such as Hiring People, who buy thousands of adverts from the leading UK job sites, getting a significant discount. We then package up the adverts and sell them to you at a greatly reduced price. With our fees starting at £199 for one job advert, which can be less than you just going to one of the sites directly (but we can’t mention any names!) What do you have to loose (apart from a lot of administration!)

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