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Recruitment Strategy For 2022

Recruitment Strategy For 2022

Entering the latter half of 2022, it is time to be looking ahead and even towards recruitment strategies for 2023.

Recruitment and the job market is rarely shaken up to such an extent as it was over the past twelve months, making it even more crucial to identify trends that can set your talent acquisition and recruitment strategy up for success.

To help guide your recruitment strategy, we first look at what we know and expect from 2022, including:

  • Recruitment Trends For 2022
  • Jobs Most Advertised
  • Jobs Most Searched For

We then focus on how you can develop effective recruitment strategies for 2022 and 2023, including: 

  • Recruitment Tips For 2022
  • Flat Fee Recruitment
  • Job Advertising
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Benchmarking Salaries

Recruitment Trends For 2022

The recruitment trends for 2022 have their roots firmly entrenched in the significant occurrences over the past year. Our analysis indicates that your recruitment strategy will need to adapt to the following trends.

Available jobs will outweigh candidate numbers: The scales of power will tip in the favour of job seekers, with more job vacancies than people to fill them. Vying for the same talent and hard and soft skills, it will be harder to build a diverse talent pool, and attract applications from top-tier talent. Furthermore, salary and benefit negotiations will be more challenging for your hiring manager, hiring managers, and even top talent acquisition professionals . 

Localised recruitment will no longer be effective: Almost every surge in virus numbers is met with work from home advice from the government. Many employees have switched preference to permanent remote working. In conjunction with the current skills shortage, recruiters can no longer rely on localised and in-person recruiting tactics. Job posting in the local community will not be enough.

Employers will focus on retention: Reducing employee churn and staff turnover will be a core strategy of employers during 2022. With higher salaries and benefits advertised on job boards, employers will nurture employee relationships to retain their current employees and skilled talent.

Jobs Most Advertised

All indications suggest that the jobs we expect to be most advertised in 2022 broadly fit into three categories; digital transformation, health care, and account relationships.

The first three jobs we expect to see heavily advertised for are .NET Programmer, .NET Software Developer, and .Net Web Developer. These roles are crucial for enterprises running projects to bring their services and resources online. Digital transformation will be vital for any business to thrive and survive in 2022.

Jobs four and five in our list are healthcare roles, reflecting the continued strain on hospitals caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. With an exponential surge in cases as the new Omicron variant takes hold, recruiting nursing staff will continue to be a challenge throughout 2022.

The remaining jobs in our most advertised prediction are account relationship jobs, from Account Clerk to Account Director. Customer satisfaction, upselling, and client retentions are sure to remain crucial KPIs, so these professionals will be high demand job candidates in 2022.

Our complete top 10 jobs we expect to be most advertised in 2022 now looks like this:

  1. Home Care Assistant
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Cleaner
  4. Warehouse Person
  5. Delivery Driver
  6. Healthcare Support Worker
  7. Class I Lorry Driver
  8. Recruiter
  9. Stock Clerk
  10. Retail Store Manager

If you need guidance creating job descriptions for job openings that will attract target job candidates, visit our job description library.

Jobs Most Searched For

The jobs most searched for in 2022 look to be dominated by driving positions, with Delivery Driver job search volume ranking first. Job seekers appear to be deterred from working in office-based roles and favouring the open road. In part, online shopping has surged due to COVID-19, so job supply and demand appear to be in sync. 

The remaining jobs most in-demand in 2022 include Teaching Assistant, Accounting Manager, Cleaner, Cyber Security, Project Manager, Estate Agent, and Cabin Crew.

Our complete top 10 jobs most searched for in 2022 looks like this:

  1. Delivery Driver
  2. Teaching Assistant
  3. Driver
  4. Accounting Manager
  5. Train Driver
  6. Cleaner
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Project Manager
  9. Estate Agent
  10. Cabin Crew

Recruitment Strategies & Recruitment Tips For 2022

Recognising the recruitment trends likely to prevail in 2022 and into 2023 allows you to implement effective hiring strategies to attract top candidates and build a talent community. Our recruitment tips for 2022 should guide your approach.

Embrace new recruitment strategies: Get creative with new recruiting strategies and sourcing techniques and stronger brand communication. It would help if you focused on developing and communicating your company culture to build a strong employer brand, considering what resonates with candidates, their values, and what they find appealing.

Read Why Should SMEs Build An Employer Brand.

Don’t rely on your local talent pool: You will need to cast your net far and wide in 2022 and prepare yourself to break free from geographical barriers to build a talent pool. Features such as online quick-apply and virtual screening will drive applicant numbers and highlight appropriate candidates.

Leverage data-driven marketing: Recruitment metrics, in-depth insights, and the data collected from digital recruitment campaigns should guide your recruitment strategies in 2022. Don’t be afraid of data that highlights your mistakes, and be prepared to learn from your less successful actions. An excellent recruitment strategy is one that is always responding to change.

Reach out to passive candidates: The best talent is often not the person who is highly motivated to leave their current employer, it’s passive candidates. It would help if you embraced digital outreach strategies to attract individuals motivated by new challenges, have a passion for learning, or are intrigued by different company values and cultures.

Flat Fee Recruitment

The rise in digital engagement, technology, and career-focused social media platforms has ushered in an era where flat fee recruitment presents an affordable and effective approach to recruitment. Best practices are fully engaged in the recruiting process, and service suites embrace advert placement across leading job sites, headhunting and shortlisting, CV database searches, and interviewing and presenting qualified candidates. Flat fee recruitment solutions are excellent recruitment strategies that will enhance your recruitment efforts, while saving time and money.

Visit our interviews hub for interview process resources.

If you aim to significantly reduce your recruitment costs in 2022, we recommend reading our free Saving Costs ebook: Seven Simple Ways to Reduce Recruitment Costs.

In the Savings Costs ebook, we explore topics such as:

  • Referral Schemes / Employee Referral Program
  • Recruiting on Social Media
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Talent Pooling
  • Job Sites, such as Monster, TotalJobs, and Jobsite
  • Fixed Cost Recruitment
  • Job Board Resellers

You can also read these company support articles:

Job Advertising

Job advertising needs to take a cross-platform approach that engages talent and the best candidates across all touchpoints. Once you attract potential employees with your job postings, it is essential not to lose them along the hiring process, whether online or offline. It would help your recruitment process if you weighed up exactly how you can facilitate your application procedures and how applicant preferences might differ from one touchpoint to the next.

Branded advertising is becoming increasingly important and your communications must promote the company brand and company reputation. Employees want to work for a brand they can love, so you will need to explore your brand’s mission, vision, values, careers page, opinions of existing employees, and company culture, creating an effective narrative that compels your target audience to apply for your job vacancies.

Recruitment Solutions

Our recruitment solutions take employers through the hiring basics, sharing valuable resources such as our job description library and job advert template.

We reveal how you can create an engaging job description for 2022 discussing internal and external advertising, candidate reviews, interviews, trials, referencing, offers, and onboarding quality candidates. We also delve into recruitment agency services, including executive search, contingency recruitment, commission, and retainers.

In our guide Building a Direct Recruitment Model, we explore recruitment solutions in greater depth, focusing on:

  • Employer Branding
  • Decision Makers
  • Job Descriptions
  • Referral Schemes
  • Social Networks
  • Job Boards & Job Ads
  • Fixed Cost Recruitment Partners
  • Applicant Tracking Systems & Recruitment Software
  • Talent Pooling Potential Candidates
  • Interviewing
  • Offer Management

Benchmarking Salaries

Benchmarking salaries in 2022 will be crucial for retaining staff through fair pay and benefits while keeping shareholders content. Salary benchmarking is also vital when hiring executives and directors, as success can only be achieved if you pitch at the right amount.

We can all appreciate that organisations do not have the resources to conduct research on a large scale or trawl through publicly accessible company reports. Accessing meaningful data that is accurate and reliable is a vital part of the equation. You must also consider the business sector, which has a significant effect on the total value of remuneration.

Overall, benchmarking salaries permits effective pay decisions based on accurate and impartial insights, considering a broad scope of variations, such as industry, career stage, and enterprise size.

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