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Sample Job Descriptions: Resources For Hiring In Your Business Sector

Sample Job Descriptions: Resources For Hiring In Your Business Sector

From employers engaging the hiring process to line managers and Human Resources conducting performance reviews with existing staff, job descriptions are immensely useful. However, writing job descriptions can feel like an uphill battle because most business owners and HR professionals aren’t working in the position they are writing job descriptions for; it’s hardly surprising it feels like hard work! We appreciate how you might feel, and if you don’t know where to start, we recommend using our free sample job descriptions, which is ideal for job posting on job boards, sharing an open job position with internal staff, or advertising your job role across social media.

Download Job Description Template

An effective job description sample gives you all the core elements you need, such as a job summary for your job title, job duties, and key job responsibilities. Sample job descriptions also give you a bullet point list of job requirements, such as hard and soft skills, personal characteristics, physical abilities, and qualifications. For advertising on job boards, all you need to add is unique business information such as your company culture, company mission, working conditions, salary range, working hours, location (city/office, remote), and job type (full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent).

With an updated job description template, recruiters have precisely what they need for job board advertising, attracting and screening qualified candidates, and conducting interviews. Human Resources and line managers have a practical document that can be used to identify training needs. At the same time, employees can see what they need to do to hit business objectives and uphold the company’s standards.

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Highlights And Key Takeaways:

  1. Job description samples are available for thousands of job titles across all business sectors.
  2. You can download free job description samples and edit these for your role and company.

Job Description Samples

Sample Job Description

Using a job description example or job description template couldn’t be more straightforward. The first step is to decide if you want to use job description samples for your job title or a blank job description template (in Microsoft Word format) where you add in the job duties, who the position reports to, essential qualifications, and all the other parts we have mentioned. Either way, you will end up with a compelling job description where you can feel reassured you have given the job seeker all the information they need to apply.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to start creating job descriptions for your job adverts?

Here you can find links to our sample job description templates for each industry. Simply click on the link after the sample to find the job description template for any role in that industry.

Download Job Description Template

Job Description Examples By Industry

Below are the key inclusions for job descriptions by industry including free access to sample job descriptions for each business sector:


A sample Account job description includes all the compelling job responsibilities that will help you attract potential candidates. Tailored to each Accounting role, duties may include monitoring legal compliance, maintaining ledgers, overseeing financial transactions, and investigating financial errors and discrepancies.

The seniority of the job determines the skills required, such as leadership, problem-solving, numeracy, detail orientated, and proficiency using accounting software. Relevant qualifications include a CPA exam pass, an Accounting or Finance Degree, and Accreditation with the Chartered Institute.

View all Account Job Description samples.


A sample Administration job description includes the duties qualified candidates need to perform daily. Responsibilities can include preparing documents, appointment scheduling, data entry, fielding incoming telephone calls, and providing senior managers with clerical support.

The job description template also includes suggested education, such as a Level 2/3 Business Administration Diploma or Business Administration Degree. The Administration job description format for the chosen job title incorporates skills such as MS Office proficiency and excellent written and verbal communication.

View all Administration Job Description samples.


Sample Bar And Restaurant Job Descriptions

A sample Bar And Restaurant job description should be careful to use gender-neutral language, changing job titles such as waiter and waitress to server. Our Bar and Restaurant sample job descriptions are available for all management, front-of-house, and back-of-house positions.

Duties suggested in the samples might include budget or people management, preparing or serving food, delivering customer service, food safety, and cleaning. Qualified candidates might require a Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Diploma, Business Administration Degree, or Advanced Professional Cookery Diploma.

View all Bar And Restaurant Job Description samples.


A sample Civil Service job description or sample Public Sector job description is available for various roles where prospective candidates work for the public or government ministers. Our samples cover positions in criminality, pensions, and work coaching. Relevant education might include a Project Management Degree or the Civil Service Fast Stream Scheme enrolment.

View all Civil Service Job Description samples.

Download A Job Advert Template


Sample Construction Job Descriptions

Sample Construction job description templates are available for positions centred on physical construction, design, planning, or governance and regulations compliance. A Construction sample job description may include job responsibilities such as creating drawings, conducting environmental surveys, handling hazardous materials, or working on-site at height.

The right candidates might require a Chartered Status or Project Management and Construction Degree. Our samples also include recommended skills needed, such as physical abilities for manual roles.

View all Construction Job Description samples.


A sample Customer Services job description example sets out the required expertise for the position and key responsibilities, from leading a team in Customer Services Management to updating customer records in Call Centre Operations. Samples generally include tasks such as providing customer satisfaction and making sales. Possible qualifications for your job opening may consist of a Contact Centre Operations Diploma or a Customer Service Diploma. The personal characteristics of the best candidates should include empathy, sales, and compassion.

View all Customer Services Job Description samples.


Job Description Format Samples

A sample Education job description is available for roles in nurseries, primary schools, academies, and universities. Writing a job description using a sample gets you started with duties such as delivering lessons, marking students, promoting good behaviour, and ensuring student safety. Job requirements might include the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Teaching Degree. The job role requires skills such as reading body language and motivating learners.

Download Job Description Template

View all Education Job Description samples.


Sample Finance job description examples include relevant information such as tasks and duties, experience, proficiencies, and education. To ensure legal compliance, a profitable business, and the correct completion of the core responsibilities, prospective candidates might require a Finance or Accounting Degree or Accreditation with a body such as the CAIA, CFP, FRM, ACA, or CFA. Strategic planning and people management skills may be required expertise for the job.

View all Finance Job Description samples.


Sample Healthcare Job Descriptions

A sample Healthcare job description example is available for various Healthcare job titles where specific skills and responsibilities cover patient care, medical procedures, people management, and home care. Qualified applicants might have a Healthcare NVQ, Nursing Degree, Midwifery Degree, or Health and Care Professions Council Registration.

View all Healthcare Job Description samples.


A sample Hospitality job description template is available for any job title associated with events management, marketing, or services. Essential duties can entail negotiating with vendors, managing an events team, liaising with other departments, and managing budgets.

Personality traits of the right candidates to work in Hospitality include multitasking and working under pressure or during unsocial working hours. Relevant qualifications are included in the samples, such as a Hospitality Business Management or Business Development Degree, Hotel Management Degree, or Cleaning Principles Certification.

View all Hospitality Job Description samples.


HR Job Description Examples

A sample HR job description example will help you bring in the right candidates with a compelling role summary. HR professionals oversee many tasks, including resolving staff grievances, handling the company’s hiring process, and being an advocate for the company culture. They themselves may be responsible for using a job description template to advertise a vacancy for a job title.

HR required qualifications can include a CIPD Foundation Diploma, Human Resources Management Degree, or Business Management Degree. Desirable skills highlighted in job description samples include strong business acumen, integrity, and objectivity.

View all HR Job Description samples.


Sample IT Job Descriptions

A sample IT job description is available for the many specialist job titles in the field. Covering many programming languages, software, and hardware systems, an IT job description template sets out the role’s responsibilities and daily tasks.

IT qualifications that indicate the candidate will meet your business requirements include the Computer Science Degree, Web Development Degree, and certain Engineering Degrees.

View all IT Job Description samples.

View all IT Job Description samples.


A sample Management job description details the leadership skills required along with relevant qualifications such as a Master’s Degree in Operation Management, Marketing, or Business Administration. Depending on the job title and level of management seniority, responsibilities might include people management, researching competitors and other employers, proposing business development strategies, financial planning, liaising with stakeholders, and decision-making.

View all Management Job Description samples.


A sample Marketing job description template is available for junior to senior Marketing roles. Carefully crafted to the job title and whether duties focus on digital or print, the samples allow you to target the best prospective candidates. Applicants may have experience working in different companies and have a Marketing Degree or hands-on experience with platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite.

View all Marketing Job Description samples.


A sample Professional Services job description template will describe the working conditions and responsibilities of roles centred on legality or consultation. Required skills depend on the position but may include planning, strategic thinking, mentorship, coaching, and attention to detail. Some job titles require a Project Management Degree.

View all Professional Services Job Description samples.


Sample Retail Job Descriptions

A sample retail job description combines the essential duties of retail workers and managers. The best candidates have sales or customer service experience and may have product or industry knowledge. These can be crucial factors to consider in determining training needs and development in areas such as communication skills. Retail management may carry out HR functions, either on a store or regional basis.

View all Retail Job Description samples.


Sales Job Description Format For Job Boards

A sample Sales job description template gives you the basics of a job description that will attract the top salespeople. Samples are offered for sales and sales management and directorship positions, including responsibilities such as managing key accounts, preparing quotations, writing reports, and liaising with shipping and stock management professionals. Experience may be the most significant indicator of relevant applicants; however, qualified candidates may have a Marketing, Sales, or Business Management Degree.

View all Sales Job Description samples.


A sample Transportation job description template is available for driving and logistics positions, including logistics management and warehousing staff. Responsibilities can include safely driving a passenger or delivery vehicle, managing staff schedules, creating route plans, or physically moving and packing stock. Senior Transportation job descriptions have qualifications such as a Business Administration, Logistics, or Transportation Degree. Operational roles might require an HGV or Forklift Licence.

View all Transportation Job Description samples.

Writing Job Descriptions With Samples FAQs

Here we answer your questions on writing a job description using job description templates or a job description example.


A sample job description is a basis for creating an effective job description by adding the unique attributes of the company and its role. Job description templates are available for any job title and provide a job description format that conveys all necessary information to prospective candidates.


An effective job description template helps hiring managers who are writing a job description for job ads and recruitment purposes. A good job description can also be used by HR for performance reviews and to identify training requirements. A good job description should convey the company culture, use gender-neutral language, be written in the present tense, use complete sentences, and leverage bullet points for concisely displaying tasks, skills needed, and qualifications.


An example of a job description might be for a Marketing Manager role. The job description could start with a brief summary of the job role, such as “The Marketing Manager will oversee all marketing operations of the company and develop its marketing strategy and vision.” The responsibilities section would list job duties like “Develop and implement a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness” and “Set current and long-term goals for internal teams.” Under job requirements, you would detail qualifications such as “Proven experience as a Marketing Manager” and “Strong analytical and project management skills.” The job description would also include details about the type of employment, location, reporting structure to the hiring manager or line manager, and any specific demands of the job role. It might conclude with a description of the ideal candidate, emphasising qualities like creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership skills, to attract the right candidates.


In a job description, you should clearly outline the job duties, job requirements, and job roles. It’s important to describe the day-to-day activities of the role, as well as the skills and qualifications needed. Be specific about what the job entails to target candidates effectively. Additionally, include information about the company culture and how the role fits within the larger organisation, which can be particularly appealing to current employees looking for new opportunities or to external candidates seeking a particular work environment. Mention any necessary previous experience and detail what makes someone the ideal candidate for the role.


The best job description format is clear, concise, and structured. Start with a job title and a brief summary of the role. Follow this with a detailed list of job duties, presented in bullet points for clarity. Next, outline the job requirements, including necessary skills, qualifications, and experience. If relevant, include a section on the ideal candidate, highlighting the traits and attributes you’re seeking. End with information about the company, including its culture and values, to give candidates a sense of the workplace environment. This format ensures the job posting is accessible and comprehensive, aiding both the hiring manager and potential candidates.


To write a standard job description, begin with a clear job title that accurately reflects the role. Provide a concise summary of the job’s main purpose and its importance to the organisation. List the key job duties in bullet points, detailing the regular tasks and responsibilities. Specify the job requirements, including required skills, qualifications, and any necessary previous experience. If applicable, describe the ideal candidate, focusing on the qualities and competencies that would best suit the role. Finally, provide information about the company and its culture to give candidates a better understanding of the work environment. This approach ensures that the job description is informative, targeted, and effective in attracting the right candidates.

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