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What Are The 5 Main Benefits Of Working With Job Board Resellers?

What are the 5 main benefits of working with Job Board Resellers?

In recent years there has been an emergence of job board resellers, but who are they? What do you get? When should you consider using them? What are the benefits and what should you expect to pay?

1. Job board network

By working with Job Board Resellers you are able to place your job advert on over 100 job boards in a single process.

Before you place an advert make sure you know which job boards your job board reseller provides and If you require niche job boards enquire whether the supplier offers them.

If they don’t they may be able to acquire it or offer other job boards from your industry.

By choosing the right supplier you can reach up to 15 million active job seekers.

2. Job distribution

By working with job board resellers your advert will be placed across leading job boards and social media site thus enabling you to benefit from reaching any candidate that is online looking for their next position.

Working with job board reseller you gain a far wider audience with your recruitment campaigns than if you were working with a singular or several job boards.

Regardless of the requirement due to the increased audience that a job advert reaches when working with a reseller you can expect a successful campaign regardless of the requirement.

The job board industry is competitive and with each company vying for their market share, success for job boards is measured by connecting ideal candidates to suitable requirements.

3. Cost

Job Board Resellers buy adverts with the leading job boards in high volume and purchase adverts at significantly reduced costs. They are able to offer these adverts for considerably less money due to the quantity that they buy the adverts for especially when you consider the cost of buying these adverts from multiple job boards directly.

Working with a singular job board can cost more than several hundreds of pounds yet working with a job board reseller typically costs under £200.

When recruiting candidates via adverts that you place with resellers you stand to save tens of thousands of pounds when you consider agency charges.

4. Technology

Corporates are reliant on using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), they are an integral part of their recruitment process. These are offered as part of the service when working with job board resellers for free.

An ATS facilitates efficiency and lowers the cost to hire as they enable you to distribute your job description across job boards and social platforms too.

Once you have connected with candidates the ATS allows you to score candidate suitability, engage with a large volume of candidates with a personalised message, set up auto responses and even direct candidates to applications forms.

Functions like vacancy management, candidate management, sourcing and management of job adverts are just some that ATS can help to centralise the recruitment, provide a shared place to work and help deliver a seamless candidate experience.

5. Talent Pooling

By placing adverts with a job board reseller and using their ATS you are able to building your own database of candidates.

Therefore, a significant benefit is you are able to recruit multiple candidates from each campaign. You are able to build a database and talent pool candidates that you have generated from recruitment campaign which is exceptionally beneficial when, in the future you need to recruit quickly and at a low cost.

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