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Everything You Need To Know About Job Advertising

Everything You Need To Know About Job Advertising

Good Job Advert Examples

If you want to attract the right people and build the best possible team, a good job advert is essential. An effective job advertisement portrays more than what you want; it represents your company and its culture. 

If you have never written a job advert before, then the task might seem daunting. You can use a good job advert template to get started, and here we have two good job advert examples (one long, one short) to help you get started.

The Difference Between A Job Advert And A Job Description

A Job advertisement is a shortened version of a job description that portrays the key elements of the job role such as company name, job title, salary and various other details such as working hours (such as if you support flexible working hours), job location, job type (part-time/full-time, permanent/temporary/contract), and if you want a cover letter. If you want to learn more about a role, all you need to do is click the advert for an in-depth job description.

Writing a job description?

We have produced a template to help you create the perfect job profile. We can also send you job descriptions, just enter the job title required and we will share.

What would you like?

Job advert example:

How Can I Advertise My Job For Free

It is worth noting that there is no such thing as free, as there are always business costs involved, whether it is the time of existing employees or hosting costs for a website. However, there are low-cost job posting methods and ways to avoid incurring additional or unnecessary fees.

To minimise job advertising costs, you could use:

  • A totally manual approach – You write the job description and job advert yourself and then post the job advertisement on your website, various job boards, or your social media platforms.
  • Tools & software – You find a company that provides talent acquisition software to help you manage the process more effectively. This approach is often cheaper than taking a totally manual approach.
  • Managed services – You pay someone such as a recruiter to handle the process for you and save time.

Read our Free Job Advertising Review.

List Of Free Job Advertising Sites

The UK has several job advertising sites, known as job boards that support free advertising:

  • Indeed – A job posting site used by more than three million companies. A basic listing is free with additional charges for premium job posts that boost visibility, starting from £75 per month.
  • Jobs Today – The fastest-growing mobile hiring platform allows you to create a company profile and post your first job advertisement for free. Various job ad packages with different fees exist after the first free listing.
  • Jora – You can post ten free job posts per month but the site lacks extra features such as accessing candidate databases. You can sponsor ads to increase their visibility.
  • Adzuna – The London-based job board offers the first 30-day ad for free with bespoke prices once the free ad is used.
  • LinkedIn – The world’s largest social media network for professionals permits free job posting on your profile page, but you will need to pay to target qualified candidates. LinkedIn uses a pay-per-click pricing model for promoting your vacancy to relevant candidates.

Many job advertisement sites offer at least one free job advert, and you can use free job description templates to create your job advertisement. 

Pros And Cons Of Free Advertising

The manual approach may appear to be the cheapest way to promote job vacancies. However, it is not always the case when considering:

  • The number of potential candidates who see your job advert is restricted, and you cannot post your job ads in as many places.
  • The quality of the potential candidate may be lower and take more time to validate.
  • The time it takes to find a candidate can be costly in terms of lost production or sales.

Managing Recruiting Costs And Candidate Reach

While free job advertising may seem like an attractive proposition, it is often ineffective, drawing interest from few candidates or flooding you with job seekers that do not have the talent, skills, or qualifications your business needs.

Using job board advertising tools and services can produce better results by:

  • Cutting down hefty job advertisement commissions.
  • Shortening the process from advert to hire.
  • Taking less time to manage with only one job description to create.
  • Maximising job advert reach with simultaneous listing on hundreds of job search sites.

Hiring People offers job board advertising on hundreds of sites from £199, complementing our branded advertising and flat fee recruitment services.

What Is The Best Way To Advertise A Job

Online job boards and job advertising websites are two of the best ways of advertising a job, but many other options exist. Your company and social media are powerful tools for engaging potential applicants. Whether it is LinkedIn or Facebook, you should regularly demonstrate your company culture and showcase why your business is a great place to work. Also, don’t forget that paid ads on social media aren’t just for selling your products.

Getting your existing employees to advocate for your business is another excellent way to advertise a job opening. If your business is a great place to work, employee referrals and incentive programs can be powerful recruiting tools. Further avenues to engage with the best candidates include having visibility in local newspapers, job fairs, and local events, and don’t forget to revisit your previous candidate rejections, you may have already spoken to the right candidate for this job.

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What Is Programmatic Job Advertising?

If you have limited time, your job advertising methodology and strategy need to be refined and streamlined. One route that many recruiters in this position consider is programmatic job advertising.

Programmatic job advertising is a software platform that puts the entire recruitment and advertising process in your hands. This may seem like the opposite thing that you want to achieve, but programmatic automation saves you heaps of time while refining all elements to achieve the desired results. 

You input key information such as your ideal demographics, skills, job responsibilities, and recruiting rules. The programmatic platform handles everything from here on, including purchasing and publishing job advertisement space on popular and niche job boards and optimising your job adverts for search engines and finding the top talent.

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