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Posting On Job Boards And Leveraging Fixed Cost Recruitment

Posting On Job Boards And Leveraging Fixed Cost Recruitment

If your company is looking to attract potential talent at a low cost, fixed cost recruitment on job boards should be the critical ingredient of your talent acquisition strategy.

Your hiring managers could post job openings individually on a job board. However, when you add up their number, it soon becomes apparent that there are too many, making such an undertaking almost impossible.

The recruitment costs would become astronomical, and your annual recruitment budget would be blown entirely in one day. Furthermore, you would have to log in to each site to manage qualified candidates and end job listings once you have hired the candidate.

Why Advertise On Job Boards?

Job boards are an essential element of any recruitment strategy because they are the most effective route to attracting the best candidates, and more so than putting your job posting on a social media platform. You gain instant access to an active talent pool on both traditional job boards and niche job boards.

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Your job opening also gains visibility with passive candidates. These professionals are not actively looking for job vacancies but are open to moving on to a new employer if the circumstances are right. These candidates are usually the top talent with the most refined skills and significant experience.

Passive candidates are often found browsing industry-specific job boards that draw in an audience with industry news and insights. They also visit employer review sites, where job postings also appear, such as Glassdoor.

Simply put, if you want to attract the most qualified candidates, your company needs excellent visibility across all traditional job boards and relevant niche sites.

Using Job Board Resellers To Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Streamlining your recruitment strategy requires automation through a hiring platform. Job board resellers give recruiters access to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS software). With this hiring technology, your company can post its job listings to tens or hundreds of specialist and traditional job boards in one go.

This broad exposure ensures your hiring process reaches passive and active candidates while saving your recruiters heaps of time. With the right technology handling your advertising, you minimise the effort it takes to post jobs online and recruit job seekers.

To attract applicants and the find right candidate, double-check you have:

  • Conferred with decision-makers – so you can write an effective job description.
  • Assessed your employer brand – by reviewing your company’s career page and social media channels.
  • Shared your company culture – including your vision, mission, and values.
  • Defined your hiring process – by determining if your hiring managers will interview qualified candidates in person or conduct video interviews?

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Guiding Qualified Candidates Through Your Application Process

To ensure business performance and success in the long run, you need an efficient candidate experience, and that means your recruiters need to manage applications. The Applicant Tracking System makes it quick and straightforward to manage candidate engagement and screen candidate applications.

ATS software is expensive, and it is rarely cost-effective for an employer to buy outright or subscribe. However, medium and small companies can use the job board reseller’s ATS to upload job descriptions, post jobs, screen applicants, and recruit top talent with ease.

Saving Costs With Flat Fee Recruitment

We have made the advantages of having your job listings appear on job boards clear. However, what about the advertising costs?

Job board resellers build relationships with each job board and use their buying power to help recruiting companies keep their hiring costs down. With flat fee recruitment, recruiters can post their job on many career sites at a fraction of the costs they would incur if they posted jobs individually.

When you hire through a fixed cost recruitment solution, your company has access to different packages, which will help you keep control of your recruitment budget. To find a suitable candidate and control your recruitment cost, you can choose the services you desire.

Optional features include candidate CV targeting, CV filtering, telephone screening, and interview setting. The range of job boards where your position will appear can also be managed, enabling recruiters to opt-in or out of, for example, LinkedIn Jobs, Reed, CV-Library, and Guardian Jobs.

Four Steps To Hire The Right Candidates Leveraging Flat Fee Recruitment:

  1. Place your open position and job descriptions on the leading job boards
  2. Search CV databases and social media channels
  3. Shortlist your talent pool
  4. Receive interviewed and qualified candidates

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