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Academic Advisor Job Description

Academic Advisors help students achieve their educational goals by working closely with them to select courses, identify strengths, choose a major, and act as a resource until the student graduates.

We are hiring a professional who is passionate about assisting students as they progress through their academic journey, from new student orientation to graduation. As Academic Advisor, you will assist students in choosing classes, determining their strengths, selecting majors, and help them work towards careers that fit their talents. To ensure that students are progressing towards their goals, Academic Advisors will communicate regularly with students, maintain records of their performance, and intervene if declines in grades or attendance occur.

Successful Academic Advisors will have extensive knowledge about their institutions and a strong desire to assist in student development. Ideal candidates will be caring, organised, communicative, and accessible.

Academic Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Discuss career and educational goals with students.
  • Aide in the course selection process to ensure progress towards student goals.
  • Display an interest in student development.
  • Identify student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Maintain updated reports on student progress.
  • Intervene if behavioural or academic abnormalities occur.
  • Connect students with resources, such as counsellors or tutors.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of institutional policies.

Academic Advisor Requirements:

  • Experience in student counselling, development, education, or related field.
  • State license or certification.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Ability to maintain accurate and updated records concerning student performance.
  • Understanding of institutional policies, procedures, and resources.
  • A desire to help students from enrolment through to graduation.
  • Bachelor’s degree related to education; Master’s degree is preferred.

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