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The Best Job Boards For Hiring Developers (Plus Tips To Get Them On Board)

The Best Job Boards For Hiring Developers (Plus Tips To Get Them On Board)

Hiring developers can be a challenge because the software developer role is highly skilled, requiring an experienced and qualified individual. Your regular, run-of-the-mill job advertising board may yield results, but the recruitment process and finding the right candidate can become drawn out. Standard job boards can also create an influx of respondents that don’t hold the skills your business requires.

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To find top-tier talent and avoid a pile of unqualified CVs and job applications, you will need to place your open job roles on niche job boards (IT Job Board) rather than the common ones, such as Indeed. Niche job boards move away from a very generalised approach and focus on specific locations and industries, enabling you to target qualified candidates faster and more efficiently.

Top 5 Job Boards

  1. Stack Overflow Jobs – Stack Overflow is a developer’s community where they ask and answer questions, overcome challenges, and collaborate. Your job ads appear on search pages and next to relevant threads directly targeting your audience.
  2. – A technical careers website, developers across all disciplines search for jobs here, including PHP, Python, backend, game, frontend, and web developers.
  3. Crunchboard – This is the job board of news publisher TechCrunch, which attracts millions of readers. Single and multiple job advertising packages are available for creating ads that remain live for thirty days or more.
  4. GitHub – GitHub is a development platform where professionals build and maintain software. More than 65 million developers use the site, giving 30 days job ads extensive exposure.
  5. CWJobs – Focused on UK IT and tech jobs, CWJobs offers superb job ad visibility, with an estimated 40% of all UK tech professionals, web developers, and analysts visiting the site each month.

Tips To Get Developers Onboard

First impressions are crucial, and this begins with preparing to and onboarding your new developer. Tips to get your developers onboard and productive as soon as possible include:

  • Set realistic expectations relating to what developers can expect from your company and vice versa.
  • Have all the equipment and tools ready for them on their first day.
  • Keep up support/team morale with feedback, buddy-pairing, or a mentor.
  • Have any software needed ready, including communication platforms such as email and Slack.
  • Assign small tasks to begin with, which is particularly relevant for startups and first-time developers
  • Schedule regular check-in emails or meetings.


  • The job description needs to be detailed, with clear expectations, benefits, etc.
  • A generic job description on a niche job board will bring in unqualified candidates, wasting time.
  • A comprehensive job description on a niche job board will bring in a larger range of qualified talent.

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