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Placing Job Adverts Online

Placing Job Adverts Online

Every day, regardless of what you are doing, companies strive for impeccable customer service. Customer journey and experience are of paramount importance, irrespective of whether you are shopping, going on holiday, eating out or engaging with your local council.

It’s interesting that as the ‘customer journey’ evolves we, as the consumer, are expected to do more than before, which doesn’t seem like great customer service to me.

So why is this?

Okay, so it’s a good way for companies to make savings; that’s a given, but how has that helped improve customer experience & how as consumers do we benefit?

Self-service allows us to help ourselves and, with online businesses, we can buy 24/7. We have more choice & different options; we can do things more quickly & to more easily suit our needs!

Self-service is about convenience and giving the consumer what they want when they want it.

As self-service becomes normalised to the consumer market, how is the business to business market adapting and is it far behind?

Let’s look at the recruitment industry; in the past, you may have used agencies and job boards to help you source candidates. However, what changes are afoot that will lead to self-service becoming prevalent in the recruitment industry?

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Online platforms and social media mean we can search & engage with candidates whenever we like. So, considering that business owners are always working, directors know that they’re ‘on call’ whenever their business requires them and employees are expected to manage their affairs, so how can you benefit from self-service when recruiting?

As online products evolve, the necessity of working with a recruiter is reducing. Typically, recruiters work 40 hours per week, but they’re not accessible around the clock!

Multi-post adverts allow you to choose the job boards that you wish your adverts to go on, you make the payment and start to receive CVs immediately. You can explore Where and How to Advertise a Job here.

This doesn’t have to be done in work hours – you can log on in the evening or at the weekend. With multi-post adverts, you can advertise on 100 job boards in one process & benefit from 28-day campaigns.

You are in control; it’s a great way to save money and generate candidates and you are not reliant on support from a recruitment agency.

Self-service means you have more choice, you have different options, and you can do things more quickly & more easily to suit your needs!

Sound familiar? Business to business isn’t that far behind the consumer market after all.

The Importance Of Streamlining The Customer Journey In Recruitment

Finding the perfect employee is no easy task. With many steps in the application and employment process, streamlining the customer journey is vital if you don’t want to risk losing that ideal candidate along the way. It is important to remember that the candidate is buying you as much as you are buying them.

The many touchpoints all contribute to whether your applicants receive a negative or positive experience. To ensure a smooth recruitment journey, you should always put the candidate in the centre of the process, considering every touchpoint from the pre-application stages to final onboarding. Begin by plotting out the candidate journey, including the job ad, your career site, social media, the online job application process, and post-application emails.

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The Benefits Of Self Service Job Advertising

Job advertising doesn’t have to involve the services and time of an advertising sales representative. Innovative tools, such as self-service job advertising platforms offer a new approach to job advertising online, offering desirable convenience and control for businesses of all sizes.

The self-service approach is focused on saving you time and reducing costs, which is vital if you have a low recruitment budget. The recruitment strategy and spend control are entirely in your hands.

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You gain direct control over advertising metrics, including target demographics such as geographical location, ad frequency, and listing position. With 24 hour access and in-depth analytics, your recruitment drive is responsive, flexible, and operating in real-time.

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