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Most Advertised Jobs In 2021

Most advertised jobs in 2021

The COVID pandemic continues to impact jobs and the UK economy in 2021, with damaging effects on some industries and businesses while stimulating others.

Industries that bring the population together and in close contact with each other, such as hospitality and retail, have seen increasing redundancy rates, with government-mandated lockdowns forcing people out of work. However, the job market is starting to show signs of recovery, with the number of new vacancies on the rise.

As recruitment picks up in negatively affected industries, demand remains high in sectors with a historic staff shortage.

So, which jobs were most advertised in 2021 with this swirling mix of external factors?

Top 10 advertised jobs in 2021 on Hiring People

The top ten advertised jobs on Hiring People during 2021 include:

  1. .NET Programmer
  2. .NET Software Developer
  3. .NET Web Developer
  4. A&E Nurse
  5. Accident and Emergency Nurse
  6. Account Clerk
  7. Account Director
  8. Account Executive
  9. Account Manager
  10. Account Marketing Manager

.NET job roles

.NET jobs hold the top three positions in the most advertised jobs. .NET roles are increasingly in demand because of the need for digital transformation in enterprises.

The number of digital transformation projects occurring in companies is exponentially increasing because of the success they bring. Research shows that 4 out of 5 IT professionals believe digital transformation is vital for modern-day businesses to survive.

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Nurse job roles

Since the start of the current pandemic, it was clear that there would be a more significant demand for nurses and healthcare professionals. Not only were more people in hospitals and requiring urgent care but nursing staff were put in harm’s way, risking contracting the virus themselves.

COVID also accelerated the number of job roles advertised as many nurses and healthcare professionals left the industry due to the health risks, stress, and being overworked. Demand for nurses will remain high because these skills cannot be replaced overnight, with years of training ahead of any drive to increase the number of people looking to enter nursing as a profession

If you want to hire a nurse, head to our job description library to access our related job description templates.

Account job roles

Account job roles play an important strategic action in businesses, and these professionals are central to strengthening client relationships. These roles require individuals with a particular skill set for performing in-depth customer research, identifying needs, and positioning products or services as the best solution to their challenges.

Account professionals are essential for retaining clients, upselling business, improving customer satisfaction, and achieving strategic objectives.

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