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Spring Is Definitely Here!

Spring Is Definitely Here!
Easter has been and gone and spring is definitely here!

Spring isn’t a bad analogy for what we will be talking about today as it is generally a time we associate with growth, renewal, a time for new projects and new ideas. Everything, I would argue, you would hope to achieve by bringing the right person into your business. I bet you never realised recruitment could be so poetic!

Last time we discussed being clear on What You “Really Really” Want and if you have done that now you should be in a position to start the process of finding your perfect candidate. Yikes, that’s going to hurt the bank balance!!!! But is it?

The good news is, today, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. The days of austerity are not gone and we are all more keenly focused on achieving excellent results without paying the earth. Recruiting on a budget doesn’t mean accepting second best or cutting corners. It’s about being a bit savvy and taking responsibility to get the results you want.

So, what are your choices?

We live in the digital age where more and more of us live our lives online; working, shopping, and socialising, so it makes total sense to find great people. Online recruitment agencies can offer the most cost effective and timely means to recruit, and they can help anyone hiring from a sole trader taking on their first recruit to a large Plc recruiting large numbers of individuals each year. They work on a fixed cost or flat fee recruitment model from as low as £199; perfect for those companies on a tight budget.

Online agencies will have access to the best and most far reaching job sites which will ensure your job advert is getting in front of not only a large number of candidates but the right candidates across a breadth of sectors and locations. Underpinning the whole process is sophisticated search and tracking technology which makes the whole sifting and selection process easier. This technology will help you track responses and manage candidates you wish to reject or shortlist.

You will need to write an advert that is clear, appealing, relevant and concise.  Which having taken the time to decide what you want should be relatively straight forward. You will then need to make time to review the applicants, interview and control the offer management process. All relevant CVs should be responded to courteously and banked in case of future requirements.

Using social media, our own networks, asking for referrals from colleagues (read Introducing An Employee Referral Scheme) and business partners are all powerful recruitment tools, arguably ones that should be used on an ongoing basis. They are recruitment methods that rather than money need time, commitment and an eye on the long term goal. Whether you are a small or large business using networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should become part of your recruitment strategy, as they have a huge and diverse membership base.

Advertising on LinkedIn as an example, is suitable for all size of business; by developing a personal network and joining relevant industry groups you will be in a position to join pertinent  discussions, advertise jobs, search and approach individuals directly. Who doesn’t like a direct approach from a company who likes what they do?

Don’t be scared of social media. Think back to being 15 and needing a job. I went and asked my dad for ideas; he said try Uncle Bob he knows everybody around here and hey presto within a couple of weeks I got my first summer job in a local pie and mash shop. It was a great summer. It ain’t what you know it’s who you know, and social media lets you know a few more people.

Recruitment agencies will save you time but are a more expensive way to recruit.  It will, however be money well spent if they find you the right candidate who will help you achieve your business goals. A specialist agency will take the time to understand you, your needs and will screen potential candidates only sending you suitable individuals who want your job. They will source candidates from existing databases, job advertising, and if savvy, referrals and LinkedIn. They will then arrange all interviews, gain feedback and hold your hand through offer management.

If you have any questions regards how to go about recruiting for your business or about today’s blog please get in touch. Next week we will be giving you some hints and tips on running a successful interview.

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