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Artificial Intelligence & Job Descriptions

Artificial Intelligence & Job Descriptions

Technology is available to help you assess and score how effective your job description is; it can help you to be more targeted and ultimately, make your job advert more interesting.  By using an augmented writing platform, you can create highly effective job adverts which analyse millions of job posts each month.

This is really happening!  By predicting the performance of your listing in real time, it tells you how to improve your advert. Did you know that certain phrases can be more appealing to men more than women? Probably a resounding ‘yes’, but I’m referring to how a job description is written!

Not only does it help with phrases, it also gives guidance on the tone of your content and suggests more appealing ways to engage with the potential applicants – so if you know your audience you can really interact with them & convert better candidates!

Writing a job description?

We have produced a template to help you create the perfect job profile. We can also send you job descriptions, just enter the job title required and we will share.

What would you like?

With technology like this available, what expectation do you have on your team to create more compelling job adverts and what is the best way to put it to the test?

Once you are happy with your job description you can place your advert across literally hundreds of job boards in one process; simply choose the package that best suits your requirement and launch your advert across a network of sites that include LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Jobsite, Reed and all the other major sites.

You’ll soon know how well the combination of your improved job advert and reaching a wider audience performs by the number of targeted candidates you convert.

What Is A Programmatic Job Advert?

As a recruiter, you know how hard it can be to find the right candidate with the job skills and competencies your company needs. Programmatic job advertising software enters the picture here and takes on the role of purchasing, publishing, and optimising your job adverts.

The programmatic job advertising software has access to the whole world wide web, not just the popular recruitment job boards, which are overflowing with competing job listings. You set the rules, including the number of prospects you want to reach and your target demographic, and the software targets popular and niche advertising space, based on the rules you set.

How Technology Helps With Recruitment

Technology helps you refine your recruitment process by not only helping you create more attractive job descriptions but by saving you time at every step of the way. Technology will help you sort through CVs, accurately identifying the best candidates, making the selection process less time-consuming.

You can post your job advert in multiple places at once with a single click of your mouse, tailor the text in your job ads, and see where to post your ad to get the best visibility or qualified applicants.

Who Should Be Using This?

Considering there is a decreasing talent pool of candidates, competition to recruit the best talent available is becoming harder. Companies are constantly improving their candidate experience and pushing their employer brand which doesn’t really stand up if you aren’t able to engage with highly sought-after candidates in the first place.

By making your advert more appealing, you become less reliant on agencies, headhunting & gaining referrals. So, the impact of writing a compelling job advert means you are effectively able to target, engage and convert high numbers of candidates.

The answer is simple. Anyone who is involved with recruitment should use technology like this to help them; recruitment starts with writing an effective job description and if done well, the rest follows.

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