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Debt Collector Job Description

We are recruiting for a Debt Collector to oversee the prompt receipt of clients’ overdue payments. As Debt Collector’s your responsibilities will include spotlighting and contacting prominent defaulters, conceiving payment plans, and negotiating updated payment options. You should also inspect clients’ adherence to these updated obligations.

To succeed as a Debt Collector, you will possess excellent tracking and strategies. As a high performing Debt Collector should be instinctive and calculated.

Debt Collector Responsibilities:

  • Identify deviations from predetermined payment plans.
  • Call and email defaulters to restate their dues.
  • Locate fugitive defaulters through telephonic and desktop investigations.
  • Propose realistic, carefully constructed payment plans.
  • Negotiate newly adjusted payment plans.
  • Monitor defaulters’ repayments to stop recurrent non-compliance.
  • Maintain an updated, exhaustive paper trail.
  • Institute suitable, timely legal action, if needed.

Debt Collector Requirements:

  • Demonstrable history of gainful Debt Collection experience.
  • Proficient in prevailing Accounting programs.
  • Familiar with debt-related legal provisions.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Fine-tuned telephone etiquette.
  • Discerning, attentive, and thorough.

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