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Technician Job Description

We are looking for a technician to manage and install electrical wiring for all building projects. In this position, you will work with builders and architects, and install and maintain electrical wiring systems. You must be able to follow safety practises and regulations to meet high-quality standards. You will review and compare pricing, log materials needed and used, and track plan changes.

Technician Responsibilities

  • Monitor and analyse electrical systems
  • Collaborate with engineers to determine the best placement for wiring
  • Update old electrical systems for improvements, safety, and quality control
  • Repair broken wiring and equipment
  • Analyse tests to track results and make improvements
  • Work with building team and make recommendations
  • Perform calibrations for placement of electronic components
  • Test devices for improvement, safety, and quality control
  • Responsible for all required electrical qualification tests on projects and ensure compliance with all outside parties involved
  • Modify systems to be environmentally friendly
  • Participate in test runs and meet safety regulations

Technician Requirements

  • Creative problem solver
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to multitask on various projects
  • Able to recommend projects, product improvements, or cost reductions
  • Understanding of electrical regulations
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Technical school degree and certification for technicians
  • Experience as a technician or technician apprentice
  • Excellent communication
  • Knowledge of property and safety regulations
  • Strong mathematical and technical skills
  • Strict attention to detail

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To download Technician Job Description today just enter your email address!

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