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10 Jobs We All Want

10 Jobs We All Want

People often choose a career path and tend to stick to it for the rest of their lives leaving them with the question of what it could have been done if they decided differently. This mentality is slowly but certainly shifting, and online recruitment is helping the process. There is no wrong age to change your profession. You could completely shift your accountant lifestyle by deciding to become a DJ for example; there is no shame to follow your dreams and here are the reasons to follow for ten of them.

1. Being a Pilot

Quite a responsible job as a single mistake could make a huge difference. You do get to be in the air, flying above the clouds and visiting new countries constantly. Travelling is probably the most desired thing in the world, and this type of career will help you with just that.

2. Charity Worker

Another thing that leaves people feeling with a purpose is working for a charity. Helping other people is what makes us human; it is what each individual would enjoy. Obviously, you get the added benefit of being relieved from taxes as well, however, keep in mind that there are a lot of challenges in the path.

3. Becoming a Writer

The good part is that you won’t need a dime of investment. You will be able to express all of your creativity on a sheet of paper, and you could do it as long as you are alive. Not to mention the ability to experience life from different perspectives.

4. Photographer

There is practically no cap in your development. Yes, you probably won’t have a fixed income, but you will be able to follow your dreams, have a flexible working schedule and be free to travel wherever you want, whenever you want.

5. Creating Music

Being a Musician is a hard task; you would completely depend on yourself. You will meet new people all the time and will most certainly have intelligent but more importantly interesting co-workers.

6. Personal Trainer

The best thing about it is that you will be doing the thing you want while keeping yourself healthy and well looking. Not only that but you will have a variety of different customers, from whom you could learn a lot while conducting training sessions.

7. Racing Car Driver

Imagine the adrenaline boost all the time. That being said, your job will be to balance it while driving a vehicle at a tremendous speed. The money and the fame that come with it are just a bonus.

8. Actor

You can start doing it whenever you want. Morgan Freeman didn’t start until he was forty and look at him now. This career opens up a lot of windows and opportunities on top of leading an interesting lifestyle.

9. Journalist

You will never have two days which are similar to each other, we can guarantee you that. Facing a lot of different challenges on a daily basis, this is the best career path for people that want to intellectually develop themselves constantly.

10. Artist

If you want to follow this path you certainly don’t need reasons for it. Do you? It is most likely your passion and you would do it for free anyway. Your ideas will turn into things, what more could you ask for?

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