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What Are Job Board Resellers?

What are Job Board Resellers?

Job board resellers have emerged in recent years and have really disrupted the industry. For the past 20 years we have come to know companies like Monster, Reed and Jobserve and many other brands that are either specific to industries or general jobs which cater for every requirement.

However, there has been a real emergence of job board resellers offer a service to rival the traditional job boards.

When choosing your job board partner what are the reason you should use a traditional job board over one of the new players in this market?

 Job BoardJob Board Reseller
Fixed Cost & no contracts
Volume Discount
Single point of contact
Optimise adverts
Ability to edit job ads multiple times
May offer free access to online database
CV alerts
Global recognition – TV advertising
Account log in to manage CV’s
Free technology to manage process
Job ad writing service
Job ads continually monitored and optimised
Email automation
CV top up service
Flexibility in managing budget to maximise CV’s
Customise your advertising package
Reach widest possible online audience
Analytics to assess job board performance
Job Ads get distributed to up to 100 job boards
Access to their own talent pool
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