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Accounts Assistant Job Description

If you have come here to find help writing a job description to find an accounts assistant, you’ve come to the right place.

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Accounts Assistants are employed by accounting firms, banks, insurance companies, and educational institutions to perform clerical and basic accounting duties. In the role of Accounts Assistants, they update journals and ledgers, file financial records and important documentation as well as identify and resolve errors in financial records.

Accounts assistant role description

We are hiring an Accounts Assistant to help our accounting firm with all clerical and basic accounting tasks. Working as the Accounts Assistant your responsibilities will include updating our client records, responding to clients’ inquiries in a timely manner and filing pertinent documentation. You should also be able to review and calculate employee reimbursements for necessary work-related expenses.

To succeed as an Accounts Assistant, you should be well-organised and knowledgeable of accounting principles and practices. Suitable Accounts Assistant should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients as well as demonstrate exceptional time management skills.

Accounts Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Prepare year-end financial reports to evaluate the financial performance of companies.
  • Analyse financial records to identify errors and discrepancies.
  • Perform reconciliations of clients’ bank accounts to ensure accuracy of cash records.
  • Update all accounting ledgers and journals.
  • Enter the client’s data into the appropriate accounting program.
  • Record client’s petty cash transactions in the petty cash journal.
  • Ensure that all office expenditure remains within budget.
  • Back up all office and client records to prevent loss of data.

Accounts Assistant skills & Experience:


  • Proven experience working as an Accounts Assistant, Accounts Clerk, or similar role.
  • Working knowledge of accounting terminology and procedures.
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications and accounting software.
  • Basic bookkeeping skills.


  • Experience working with clients/customers
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, or related field.

Personal skills

  • The ability to multitask.
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Sound customer service skills.
  • Detail-oriented.

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