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Treasury Assistant Job Description

We are recruiting for an experienced Treasury Assistant to help with the daily treasury functions. In this position, you will assist with the counting of cash and the reporting of daily cash transactions. You will also be responsible for tracking cash flow using standard bookkeeping and accounting methods.

To succeed as a Treasury Assistant, you should have advanced knowledge of accounting procedures, a good eye for detail, and the ability to remain focused for extended periods. Ultimately, a top-class Treasury Assistant should help to maintain optimum business cash flow through the proper handling of cash and use of accounting methods.

Treasury Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and communicate daily banking activity reports.
  • Assist your supervisor with the company’s treasury activities.
  • Assist with the physical counting of cash.
  • Investigate and resolve discrepancies with cash transactions.
  • Document all cash transactions for each day.
  • Reconcile bank deposits and payments.
  • Respond to customer complaints and address transaction-related issues.
  • Maintain financial records, cash logs, and spreadsheets.
  • Process treasury payments.

Treasury Assistant Requirements:

  • Previous experience working as a Treasury Assistant.
  • Proficient with bookkeeping and accounting software.
  • Ability to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Excellent mathematical skills.
  • Ability to remain focused for extended periods.
  • Advanced written communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Advance computer skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Finance.

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