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Professional Services Job Descriptions

Professional Services Job Descriptions

Professional services encompass a wide variety of roles such as solicitors, paralegals, graphic designers, bankers, and contract managers. Delivering services that require specific qualifications or accreditations, these individuals provide expert advice, direction, and compliance-based services to businesses on a full-time or contractual basis.

If your business or organisation requires professional services, recruitment media should be concise and precise. We recommend that you create a role description using a job description template, tailor this, and use it for advertising initiatives across job boards, social media, and industry networks.

Here we provide job description examples for all the professional services your company might require.

Investment Banker Job Description

Investment Bankers are responsible for preparing legal records, implementing financial models, and managing mergers.

Investment Banker job description example:

We are searching for an Investment Banker to join our company. In this role, you will oversee acquisitions and mergers, review deals, and research market trends.

We expect you to lead and support clients during personal and corporate enterprise expansion, supervise private equity and IPO settlements, and examine risks. You will issue trade equity and debt to increase capital and maintain your knowledge of legal and regulatory issues.

To succeed as an Investment Banker, you will have a finance Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience. You will work well under pressure and possess excellent communication and quantitative skills.

View Investment Banker Job Spec

Banker Job Description

Bankers provide a range of financial services to personal and business customers. They sell financial products, process transactions, and arrange lending.

Banker job description example:

Our bank is recruiting a Banker to assist our customers by facilitating a wide range of financial services. You will be responsible for making identity checks and opening current and savings accounts.

Your duties will include processing deposits and withdrawals, updating customer’s personal details, and cross-selling banking products and services. You will answer customer questions, resolve complaints, build relationships, and perform data entry and other clerical tasks.

To find success as a Banker, you will have excellent maths and English skills, and a degree in finance is an advantage. You will have previous sales or customer service experience and have outstanding communication and time-management skills.

View Banker Job Spec

Solicitor Job Description

Solicitors provide advice and legal services for individuals and organisations. 

Solicitor job description example:

Our legal office is hiring a Solicitor who will provide legal assistance to our clients. Your duties will include giving accurate legal advice, preparing legal documents, and representing personal and corporate clients in court.

In this role, you will be responsible for managing multiple clients, resolving disputes, and conducting research. Your scope will encompass legal matters from real estate to preparing wills.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s in law and have passed the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) or Legal Practice Course (LPC). You will pay attention to detail and excel in conveying complex legal information and advice.

View Solicitor Job Spec

Paralegal Job Description

Paralegals provide support for solicitors, attorneys, and barristers, conducting legal research and preparing cases for trial.

Paralegal job description example:

Our legal office is seeking a Paralegal to join our busy team. In this position, you will provide support to barristers, attorneys, and solicitors, drafting legal documents and preparing cases for trial.

Your duties will include organising evidence, gathering formal statements, and attending depositions. You will perform clerical and administrative tasks, research applicable laws, and interview customers.

To work as our Paralegal, you will have a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or a postgraduate degree. You will be discreet and trustworthy, have strong communication skills, and thrive on handling heavy caseloads.

View Paralegal Job Spec

Lawyer Job Description

Lawyers are responsible for advising clients of their legal situation and representing them in court.

Lawyer job description example:

We are searching for a Lawyer to join our team of legal professionals. You will provide our clients with legal advice, research their cases, and prepare legal documents on their behalf.

Your duties will include liaising with other legal professionals, researching legislation and cases, writing contracts, and collating evidence. You will stay up to date with changes in the law and industry regulations.

The ideal candidate will have a qualifying law degree and have passed the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, or have a Graduate Diploma in Law and have passed the Legal Practice Course.

View Lawyer Job Spec

Project Coordinator Job Description

Project Coordinators work with Project Managers and organise ongoing projects. They prepare schedules, deadlines, and budgets and attend stakeholder meetings.

Project Coordinator job description example:

Our organisation is hiring a Project Coordinator to work hand-in-hand with our Project Manager. In this role, your duties encompass monitoring plans, schedules, expenditures, and work hours.

Your responsibilities will include leading stakeholder meetings and following up on crucial decisions and actions. You will help develop project strategies, denote frameworks, assess risks, and guide the organisation towards the best outcomes.

To be successful as our Project Coordinator, you will have at least four years of experience in a similar role and hold a business degree or related. You will thrive working to tight deadlines and have outstanding knowledge of administrative procedures, Microsoft Office, and file management.

View Project Coordinator Job Spec

Consultant Job Description

A Consultant provides expert advice to organisations. They act as a troubleshooter for businesses by analysing procedures and recommending improvements.

Consultant job description example:

We are looking for an experienced Consultant to assist our business. As a Consultant, you will analyse situations, procedures, and company policies and create solutions for enhancing performance. You will oversee projects, collaborate with management, and conduct research.

We expect you to analyse data to find issues, develop improvement strategies, and address problems as they arise. You will need to research the latest trends in the industry to ensure any changes are effective and future-proof.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject to our industry, proven experience in the field, and have creative thinking skills. A strategic and highly organised approach is essential.

View Consultant Job Spec

Actuary Job Description

An Actuary applies statistical analysis to risk assessments to help companies or governments plan and reduce the impact of various events.

Actuary job description example:

Our organisation is looking for an Actuary to assist with continuation and business planning. Your duties will include collecting large data sets and using applicable programs to assess risks. You will communicate these complex statistics in a simplified way to help us minimise the effects on the business.

We expect you to calculate financial, continuity, and other possible effects. You will analyse data, create models and report findings to managers and clients. 

To be successful, you will need a degree in actuary science or mathematics. Strong industry knowledge, proficiency in computer software, and excellent communication skills are essential elements of this position.

View Actuary Job Spec

Art Director Job Description

An Art Director manages an art department to develop and create advertising campaigns. They conduct research and ensure that all creations fit the brand and appeal to the target audience.

Art Director job description example:

Our company is seeking a creative Art Director to lead our design and creative teams. Your duties will include meeting with clients and establishing project requirements. You will research trends, create and adapt visual aspects of the ad campaign to ensure it appeals to the demographics.

We expect you to lead a team of artistic people and apply resources to deliver unique ad campaigns. You will hire, train and supervise staff, establish timelines and budgets and ensure concepts and finished ad content is provided on time.

Our ideal candidate will have a degree in marketing or graphic design, a flair for creating unique ad concepts, and proven experience in graphic design. A high level of motivation and excellent time-management skills are essential.

View Art Director Job Spec

Contract Manager Job Description

A Contract Manager is responsible for negotiating prices with vendors for a business. They will source suppliers, determine contract terms and oversee supplier activities.

Contract Manager job description example:

We are looking for a Contract Manager to drive supplier relations for our business. As the Contract Manager, you will find the best vendors, negotiate deals, and schedule stock deliveries. You must make sure that all supplier contracts meet our corporate policies and comply with regulations.

We expect you to determine which products are needed, find the best quality supplies, and create contracts with suppliers. You will audit contracts and negotiate with suppliers to secure the best prices and terms for our company,

To be successful, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and contract negotiation experience. Inventory planning would be an advantage, and superb interpersonal and negotiating skills are a must.

View Contract Manager Job Spec

Chief Of Staff Job Description

A Chief Of Staff usually works as an advisor and confidant to the higher-ups. They will solve problems, mediate disputes and handle issues before they reach the chief executive.

Chief Of Staff job description example:

Our company is looking for a Chief Of Staff to join our senior team. As Chief Of Staff, you will direct all operational, administrative, and financial activities. Your role will be to act as a point of contact between stakeholders and the CEO.

We expect you to approve policies, and provide oversight, coaching, and training. You will assist the CEO and other senior managers in their daily activities.

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in business management or related. Extensive industry knowledge, managerial experience, and strong communication skills are essential.

View Chief Of Staff Job Spec

Graphic Designer Job Description

Graphic Designers create visual designs using computer software. They work on layouts, graphics, and overall designs of advertisements, web pages, and print media.

Graphic Designer job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Graphic Designer to join our busy design team. Your duties will include designing a variety of items for digital and offline media. You will plan concepts, illustrate designs and submit finished art across the required software.

We expect you to work on lots of projects, so superb multitasking and organisational skills are essential. Other duties will include coordinating with other teams, communicating with clients, and making changes as necessary.

Our ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related previous experience in a similar role and a portfolio of design work. A strong eye for composition and a flair for creating unique designs are essential for this position.

View Graphic Designer Job Spec

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