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Marketing Job Descriptions

Candidate recruitment can be challenging for any role, but few positions in a company have a more significant impact on a brand’s reputation and success. High calibre marketing talent can drive awareness, encourage engagement, and increase sales.

With a critical role to fill, your job description needs to be on par and hit all the right notes. You need to cover what the role involves, the marketing employee’s responsibilities, the level of experience you desire, and the unique aspects of working in the position in your organisation or company.

The task of writing a job description can seem daunting; however, when you start with a job description template, the lion’s share of work is done for you. Here we look at various marketing jobs that you may be recruiting for and provide a marketing job description example for each.

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What Do Marketing Professionals Do?

Your marketing job descriptions detail the marketing functions and how they fit into your marketing team. The marketing teams’ duties cover actions to promote, sell, and distribute services or products. The marketing team creates data-driven strategies aimed at the target market and across marketing channels.

Depending on the business type, size, service, or product, the typical responsibilities of marketing teams might include:

  • Overseeing inbound and outbound marketing
  • Managing paid advertising with search engines and outside vendors (SEO Strategists)
  • Print and email marketing
  • Writing content for blogs, social media, and landing pages (content writers/content marketing manager)
  • Using Google Analytics to assess and develop the online marketing strategy
  • Create advertising campaigns, competitions, and giveaways for social media platforms
  • Developing the brand image and voice of the company
  • Determining the price of products and services
  • Planning and running marketing events such as webinars and seminars
  • Planning campaigns and the resources for initiatives
  • Conducting research into customer behaviours, demographics, and motives
  • Organising internal communications promoting the goals, vision, values, and priorities of the business (Internal Community Manager)
  • Managing other team members (Marketing Manager)
  • Liaising with the sales team/Sales Professionals

Marketing Role

The duties of the marketing department are completed by specialists in job roles titled as:

  • Brand Manager
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Marketers
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Executives
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Specialists

Marketing Responsibilities And Duties

Marketing manager and marketing executive duties are the must-do and high-priority responsibilities of the role. These are the job aspects that you will likely govern the individual’s performance on, and as you can imagine, creating effective physical or digital marketing campaigns that deliver a return on investment will probably be top of the list.

Important tasks of a marketing manager or marketing executive might include:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Running online marketing and digital marketing campaigns
  • Writing a marketing report based on completed market research
  • Collaborating with a marketing agency
  • Developing marketing plans to meet business goals
  • Defining the parameters of marketing materials
  • Working to raise brand awareness
  • Producing corporate communications
  • Defining consumer demographics and target customers
  • Creating brand guidelines
  • Managing paid advertising/search engine marketing (work closely with the SEO manager)
  • Determining the price of products and services/developing pricing strategies
  • Liaising with sales teams, Project Managers, and key stakeholders
  • Proposing creative ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Implementing marketing projects, marketing plans, marketing strategies, and inbound marketing activities
  • Ensuring marketing campaigns remain within the marketing budget
  • Running digital marketing campaigns and overseeing social media accounts/social media marketing
  • Providing event management
  • Conducting market research with target audiences
  • Analysing marketing and sales data/demographic data
  • Managing the marketing team (marketing manager responsibilities) or marketing teams (marketing director responsibilities)
  • Maintaining industry knowledge on market trends and competitive research

These duties are pretty generic, but you can make the job’s duties more engaging and meaningful by saying how the responsibility should be accomplished. For example, ‘conducting market research with target audiences through focus groups and Google Analytics.

Marketing Skills

To ensure your Marketers can complete their duties and promote your company, ensure they have hard and soft skills such as:

  • Analytical skills/web analytics (Data Analysts)
  • Exceptional writing ability and storytelling/creative mindset (Content Creator/Content Marketer)
  • Interpersonal skills/skilled communicator/verbal communication skills/active listener
  • Confidence in delivering presentations to the team or public speaking (Public Relations Manager)
  • Organisation and multitasking
  • Collaboration and ability to work closely with the marketing team and other departments
  • A continued learning mindset, staying up to date with marketing trends and the marketing industry
  • Research and intuition to determine target audience needs
  • Print and graphic design skills (Design Team)
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Critical thinking
  • Lead generation
  • Time management
  • Proficiency building relationships
  • Print and graphic design skills (web developer and design team)
  • Teamworking
  • Polite
  • Intuition
  • Numeracy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Target driven
  • Adaptable and able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Leadership and motivation (marketing manager, chief marketing officer, and marketing directors)
  • Strategic thinking

Marketing Qualifications And Education

To fill your senior marketing department roles, seek out candidates with professional qualifications such as a University Degree in:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business and Management
  • Public Relations
  • Business Administration

Required Marketing Experience And Marketing Training

Whether you are a small or large business, marketing skills are in high demand, and it is essential to hire candidates with the right level of experience. Junior marketing team members might have qualifications such as the Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Marketing, T Level in Digital Production, Design, and Development, or Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Marketing Executives should also have proficiency using Adobe Creative Suite and Customer Relationship Management Systems, with a thorough understanding of sales and marketing operations, Google AdWords, and data analytics.

Marketing Job Description FAQs

Here we answer your questions on marketing roles and job descriptions.


Marketing job titles include marketing manager, marketing campaign manager, digital marketing executive, marketing director, marketing assistant, senior marketing executive, SEO manager, public relations officer, marketing coordinators, and content marketing professional.


The duties of the marketing executive team include creating a marketing strategy and oversee marketing campaigns, online marketing, managing public relations, running social media accounts, and overseeing marketing department staff (marketing managers).


The top marketing team skills include the abilities to sell services and products, using your persuasion skills. Customer service, business management, the ability to use your own initiate, and attention to detail, are also vital marketing skills. Marketing is increasingly online, so social media, digital, and computer proficiency are a must. There are many diplomas and degrees across marketing topics and subjects, and companies looking to hire candidates should seek these out.


Your approach to job advertising for marketing will vary depending on the position and marketing skills you need. Your hiring strategy might include advertising on general or marketing job boards, social media, or via employee referrals.

Your marketing recruitment strategy could also include having a presence at relevant conferences and online with specialist marketing organisations, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Crucial elements that will affect recruitment success include writing an effective marketing job description and selecting the proper job title. Flat fee recruitment solutions provide you with job description templates and continue to deliver the best results when hiring for your marketing department.


The tasks of a marketing professional are any other marketing activities that the person will complete on a regular or occasional basis. These are usually subsidiary tasks such as posting ads on social media channels, creating content using content management systems or Microsoft Office and staying up to date with industry trends.

It is tempting to leave some of the more ‘boring’ tasks out to make your vacancy sound more attractive, but this can lead to trouble down the road as you may recruit marketing executives or marketing managers that are not a perfect match. If you hire the wrong marketing executives, your business, team, and customers may suffer. The employee might leave your company, and you are back to square one, requiring another investment in recruitment and training.

If you get to the end of the process outlined here and find that your job description is too long and concise has gone out the window, it is time to review your first draft. To bring things back into line, you should delete unnecessary phrases and fluff, remove prepositional phrases, focus on what is role critical, and refrain from putting your entire ‘about us’ page in your content.


A marketing job description is a document that sets out the role’s duties, tasks, and skills. Putting these in black and white is crucial. It will help you find the right match for a position that directly affects your brand identity, public relations, marketing campaigns, growth, and customer experience.

The job description should be transparent and clearly set out who you are, who you want, what they will do, and why a potential marketing executive might want to work for you. It helps tremendously to use language and jargon that engages your audience.

When you get all of this right and include the best words to use when writing marketing job descriptions, you will get job applications from qualified candidates that closely match your ideal person profile.


When writing a job description either for a marketing job advert or an internal job specification you need to focus on 5 main criteria:

  1. What are the key jobs, tasks, and duties required for a marketing position
  2. Consider all the job responsibilities required for a marketing role
  3. What skills the person must have for the job
  4. What personality traits the person must have to work in marketing
  5. Appropriate and relevant education and qualifications

These five criteria should help you build a picture of your ideal candidate. Good questions to consider that will help you write a concise marketing job description that stands apart from others (essential in the current competitive job market), and attract the best marketing executive and marketing manager candidates, include:

  • What value does this role bring to your company?
  • How does the role align with your company culture, values, and mission?
  • How does this role differ from other company positions?
  • How is this role similar to other company positions?
  • What are the minimum skills and transferable skills?
  • What are examples of your marketing campaign and marketing strategy targets?

Suppose you are not hands-on in the marketing department or highly familiar with the company’s marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. In that case, it can help to interview one of your top-performing marketing managers or marketing executives to gain a greater understanding.

A word about jargon: The phrase ‘jargon’ has good and bad connotations, and if it isn’t carefully considered, it may deter marketing team candidates from applying. Ask yourself if words and phrases are company-exclusive or marketing industry-recognised.

Furthermore, if you are hiring for senior-level marketing positions (marketing manager, marketing director, senior marketing executive), you might expect candidates to have a greater vocabulary and understanding of marketing jargon. However, if you are hiring junior-level marketing executives or a marketing assistant, consider being as straightforward and transparent as possible.


As a final note for employers and recruiters, it is crucial to remember that while a job description is about what and who you want, describing this alone will not create an inbox full of eager candidates willing to comply. A job advert must go beyond the duties, skills, education, qualifications, traits, and tasks that you want and communicate the position’s value to job seekers.

Your business should convey its employee value propositions to engage candidates, highlighting both monetary and other benefits. Benefits that will entice qualified job seekers to apply might include:

  • Stating the marketing position’s average salary range rather than saying ‘competitive salary’
  • Focusing on work-life balance
  • Flexibility in work location and when hours are completed (work from home or hybrid office and remote)
  • Training opportunities
  • Marketing career development opportunities
  • The quality of products or services
  • How company values align with those of customers and employees

Marketing Job Description Examples And Samples

We recommend creating your marketing job description using one of the samples and examples below.

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