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The Best Recruitment Solutions In 2022

The Best Recruitment Solutions In 2022

It can be challenging to know where to start when you need to find staff and fill crucial roles. There are hundreds of websites and just as many recruitment software variations, offering to speed up recruitment while helping you keep hiring costs down. Here we look at the best recruitment solutions in 2022.

We highlight the best recruitment software, job advertising solutions, and the top job board resellers. We also lay out the recruitment process, provide tips for hiring managers, and recommend the recruitment tools that will save you heaps of time.

Recruiting Software

Recruiting software

Here we highlight the best recruiting software, including LinkedIn Recruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster. We also share how you can use a recruitment agency with flat fee recruitment software to post across many job sites automatically.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is an excellent recruiting tool for sourcing candidates who use the world’s largest career-focused social networking site.

LinkedIn has a vast pool of users that you can search, deliver bulk messages to, and receive AI-based candidate recommendations. iOS and Android apps enhance the experience and help you perform customer relationship management in real-time.

The recruitment tools are available in two packages; Lite and Professional and Corporate. Although the Professional and Corporate recruiting tool is powerful, it is expensive.

Glassdoor Recruiting Software

Glassdoor isn’t your traditional recruitment software. Instead of putting a focus on salary transparency and anonymous company reviews. Recruiters can sign up for a free plan or one of two paid packages.

The free plan allows you to create a company profile, post updates, and analyse trends. The Standard Package enables follower analysis, in-depth data gathering on company ratings, and posting customised content. The Premium Package provides access to industry reports, audience insights, and add-ons for targeted advertising.

Indeed and Glassdoor are owned by the same company, so any job listing posted on Indeed also appears on Glassdoor.

Indeed Recruiting Software

Indeed holds a vast user database, and their recruiting software is highly versatile. You have the option to post a free job listing or leverage advanced features in the paid version of the recruiting software.

The hiring platform automates approximately seventy percent of recruitment processes, making it the best hiring software for many recruiters. The talent management software has a fantastic dashboard, collating information on your applicants and job postings. The premium talent acquisition software also lets you conduct CV searches.

With Indeed, you can create a company page, perform in-depth analytics, and use a range of built-in video tools.

Monster Recruiting Software

Unlike the other recruiting software highlighted above, Monster offers pricing transparency, and the talent acquisition tools are more affordable than those offered by its competitors. Enterprise-level recruitment software is available through bespoke packages.

You can access pre-written job descriptions in the recruitment CRM and view candidate ratings, with applicant recommendations produced from Monster’s user database. The recruiting CRM facilitates automated follow-up messages, and you can create a company profile and branded adverts.

Other HR software offers more powerful tools and features, but access is affordable, and the HR recruitment software is easy to use.

Google For Jobs Recruiting Software

Google for Jobs is an advertising tool with similar functionality to job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. For your website’s job pages to appear in Google for Jobs, you need to optimise the background elements read by Google.

Background elements include your schema markup code, keyword tags, and the location of the job. It is also vital that jobs are listed on individual pages, else Google will ignore them.

Flat Fee Recruitment Software

A rise in technology, digital engagement, and career-focused social media has made the flat fee recruitment process an affordable and effective talent sourcing solution. The flat fee recruiting solution follows all best practices, and your job posting will appear on all of the major job boards.

The recruiting software encompasses all of the recruitment tools you need for talent management. Key features include headhunting, shortlisting, CV database searches (resume parsing), interviewing, and final presentation of qualified candidates.

You can say goodbye to many repetitive tasks and keep recruitment costs low.

Branded Advertising Software

Job advertising solutions help you reach job seekers across all touch-points with a cross-platform approach. However, branded advertising is increasingly vital for attracting the best potential job candidates. Even automated recruiting software can include employer branding elements, such as your brand’s vision, values, mission, and culture.

A high-quality branded advertising recruitment tool can offer:

  • CVs delivered via email or through the portal
  • Resume parsing
  • Interview scheduling
  • Multiple candidate management
  • Talent pool building

Recruitment Tools

If you are seeking out the best recruiting tools, check out these three valuable resources:

  1. Job description library
  2. Job description templates
  3. Job advert templates

Advertising On Job Boards


Advertising on job boards will bring your job posting to the attention of active and passive candidates. However, it is almost impossible and completely infeasible to post job vacancies manually due to the sheer number of job boards.

Job board advertising is only practical with automated job postings. Recruiting agencies simplify the recruitment processes, saving you significant time, with their recruiting software automatically listing your job vacancies on more than 100 job boards.

Working with online recruitment companies, you can post with one click across sites such as TotalJobs, Jobsite, Monster, Indeed Sponsored, Glassdoor, Reed, Google Jobs, and Guardian Jobs. Social media posting is covered with LinkedIn Jobs, and the hiring platform also allows you to target niche industry boards.

Hiring platforms can target your business sector, including accounting, agriculture, customer services, hospitality, finance, banking & insurance, healthcare, legal, SEO and digital marketing, research and data analytics, account management, Human Resources, sales, charity, the public sector, and many more.

The software incorporates an applicant tracking system designed to manage all aspects of candidate relationship management.

Hiring Process

Hiring process

Benchmark Your Salaries To Attract The Best Talent

Hiring managers should benchmark salaries by reviewing the average salary for the role. Benchmarking typically occurs before creating job listings and seeking qualified candidates. Just as knowing the average wage is crucial for candidate acquisition, it is vital for staff retention. The key for hiring managers is to find the right balance between offering fair pay while keeping stakeholders happy.

HR managers looking to recruit high-calibre individuals, such as directors and executives, should pay particular attention to this metric if they are to compete with dedicated executive search firms.

Business sector and location create variations in pay, so salary research plays one of the most crucial roles in the entire hiring process.

Create A Job Description And Job Advert

Job description writing

Before you can consider your job posting options, you need to create a job description that defines the role, its responsibilities, and the candidate’s qualifications. Failure to crack this part of the hiring process will lead to poor quality job applications.

We recommend using a job description template, which can automatically be transformed into a job advert for posting on social media, job boards, and the careers page of your website.

Prepare Your Interview Questions

Preparation is the foundation of any good candidate interview, and your questions need to be on point if you are to spot and hire the best talent. You should create a list of the key questions to ask in an interview and follow a formatted interview structure to ensure consistency and make it possible to compare potential employees once your interview scheduling has run its course.

Target Referrals And Use An In House Talent Acquisition Platform

Your recruitment processes should not ignore the talent pool already on your payroll. You should engage existing employees on the careers page of your website and on social media.

Furthermore, it helps to encourage employee recommendations by introducing a referral rewards program. Remember, you already have a team of experts who likely have valuable contacts in the industry or working in similar roles, but in another sector, which can help you develop a diverse team with different viewpoints and opinions.

Manage Your Interview Scheduling

Leverage your acquisition platform to schedule interviews and keep track of candidates and applications. You will need to factor time into your recruitment process for pre-interview preparation, the interview, and post-interview note-making. Many hiring managers use the job description as an interview template, adding their interview questions and documenting the answers.

It also helps to schedule interviews with time to unwind and clear your mind. Even dedicated recruiting companies and experienced HR managers rarely go from one meeting to the next without at least a ten or fifteen-minute break.

Essential Hiring Resources For SMEs

If you are an SME looking to hire employees in 2022, then we recommend this essential reading list:

1. A guide on how to hire

2. How to interview candidates

3. Advertising on Google Jobs

4. How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge?

Applicant Tracking System ATS


An applicant tracking system is essential recruiting software that allows you to coordinate posts across all job boards. When you use a job board reseller, you benefit from their buying power, keeping your recruitment costs down while gaining access to their applicant tracking system.

If you are looking to use a recruitment platform that speeds up the hiring process and minimises hassle, ensure your job postings are managed with applicant tracking software.

Recruitment Software Costs

Hiring tools and cloud-based software can be expensive to purchase. Many paid recruitment software costs up to £1,000 to buy outright, or £50 to £100 per month if you opt for a subscription-based plan.

In contrast, a jobs board advertising package can cost as little as £199, with jobs appearing on more than one hundred hiring boards.

Recruitment Process FAQs

Here we answer your questions, covering the entire employee lifecycle.

What is the future of recruitment?

Advances in technology and digitisation are occurring at an unprecedented pace, and while recruitment automation is here today, it is likely to become even more effective in the future. Recruitment solutions will better integrate company objectives, facilitate strategic planning, place an emphasis on diversity, and prioritise virtual meetings over in-person candidate interviews.

What is the most effective source for recruitment?

Recruitment experts and staffing agencies agree that online jobs boards are the most effective source for recruitment, with 89% of employees sourced through this medium. Employee referrals are the second-most effective source for attracting new hires, with physical staffing agencies coming in third.

Do recruitment agencies have a future?

Recruitment agencies will continue to play a circular role in the hiring process of the future. Recruitment agencies are considered specialists in the HR sector, and their credibility will continue to give them a justified place in the future.

What are the new trends in recruitment?

The new trends in recruitment include gamification, AI and VR, chatbot recruitment, and social recruitment. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help hiring professionals overcome unintended bias, finding candidates and applicants that may otherwise be overlooked. As remote working becomes commonplace, in part due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, global recruiting will become popularised, with companies no longer restricted to hiring only local talent.

What is flat fee recruitment software?

Flat fee recruitment software allows you to post your job advert across multiple job board websites, capturing the attention of both active and passive candidates. A fixed price helps businesses keep hiring costs under control and predictable while speeding up the hiring process.

Read our Flat fee Online Job Advertising Recruitment Agencies Review.

What are the advantages of cloud-based recruitment tools?

A cloud-based applicant tracking system helps you save time and money, allowing you to store your candidate information and avoid manual data entry. Your candidate data and job listing are accessible from any location and on any device. Furthermore, any authorised member of your team can access your job listings and applicant data from an easy to use recruiting dashboard. As long as you have an internet connection, you can view, edit, and list jobs and the data is synchronised for all users.

Many cloud-based solutions include various advanced features such as built-in messaging, automated emails, reporting, and tracking. In an era where virtual and mobile come first, you can engage with applicants in real-time, enabling a more effective hiring strategy.

What is branded advertising?

Branded advertising entices candidate engagement by building upon your brand’s image, values, mission, and voice. Brand recognition is playing a more substantial part in the candidate experience and ultimately brings in a higher number of quality candidates. Branded job adverts can reach up to eleven million job seekers and save your company thousands of pounds on recruitment.

What are the best job sites to advertise on?

LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor are popular job websites that hold an extensive database of potential candidates. You can leverage flat fee recruitment tools to post across multiple job sites without having the hassle of manually entering your details and job description many times. Ensure the career’s page of your website is up to date and list jobs on their own page to ensure they become visible in Google Search results.

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