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Management Job Descriptions

Management Job Descriptions

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Management positions are tasked with steering the direction of businesses and organisations and ensuring they meet their objectives and financial goals. These are key positions in any company, so hiring the best candidate with the relevant experience is essential.

The most significant step in the sourcing and hiring process is creating the role’s job description. This critical piece of copy informs management professionals of the duties and responsibilities of the position and allows them to judge if they are a good fit for your business.

Here we present management job descriptions for notable roles. You can use these to create your job ad or use a job description template ahead of posting on popular job boards.

Project Manager Job Description

Project Managers are responsible for handling a business’s ongoing projects. They work with various teams, ensuring requirements and deadlines are met.

Project Manager job description example:

We are searching for a Project Manager to join our progressive company. In this role, you will coordinate teams and team members as they progress projects and strive to meet deadlines.

We expect you to prepare effective project communication plans, prepare progress reports, and conduct post-project assessments. Your responsibilities also include identifying new business opportunities, developing user manuals and training, obtaining customer acceptance, and managing customer expectations and satisfaction.

To succeed as our Project Manager, you will possess a Project Management Professional certification and a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. You will have a deep understanding of project management methodologies and strategies coupled with excellent communication skills.

View Project Manager Job Spec

Operations Manager Job Description

Operations Managers are an essential part of leadership teams. They provide inspiration and develop and implement operational procedures and policies.

Operations Manager job description example:

Our company is recruiting an Operations Manager to fill an opening in our leadership team. The core responsibilities of the role include providing inspiration and steering the company’s operational policies and procedures.

Your duties will include making strategic decisions, promoting the company’s culture, and ensuring compliance with regulations. You will work with the board of directors, set out the business’s mission and values, and plan short and long-term goals.

To be successful as our Operations Manager, you will need an operations management degree or similar experience. You will understand business finances, have outstanding communication skills, and have significant leadership experience.

View Operations Manager Job Spec

Product Manager Job Description

Product Managers play a crucial role in improving customer experiences. They generate product ideas, conduct research, and develop pricing strategies.

Product Manager job description example:

We are seeking a Product Manager who will be responsible for steering our product strategies and innovation. You will conduct customer research, pitch new product ideas, and create product road maps and development schedules in this role.

Your duties will include identifying products’ selling points, features, and benefits, setting pricing, and working as part of a cross-functional team. Working with engineers, marketing, and PR teams is a part of your everyday activities.

To succeed as our Product Manager, you will have previous experience in a similar role and have a degree in engineering or computer science. You will have outstanding interpersonal skills and a flair for problem-solving and multitasking.

View Product Manager Job Spec

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Description

Chief Operating Officers (COO) oversee a company’s procedures and ongoing operations.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, you will provide day-to-day management and leadership, drive company success, and ensure profitability.

Your core responsibilities will include ensuring business efficiency, setting policies, and maintaining compliance with regulations and company standards. You will help the company surpass its sales objectives, present products to the public, and collaborate with the broader leadership team.

The ideal candidate will have a high-level understanding of performance metrics, business analysis, planning, and development. Previous experience as a COO is essential.

View Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Spec

Facilities Manager Job Description

Facilities Managers are responsible for ensuring a suitable working environment exists, arranging services, and ensuring health and safety compliance.

Facilities Manager job description example:

We are searching for a Facilities Manager to take responsibility for the working environment in our premises. In this role, you will manage vending, cleaning, building, and maintenance contracts and services.

Your duties will include ensuring a constant security presence, overseeing refurbishments, and controlling parking. You will also ensure the facility complies with health and safety regulations.

The individual we are looking for will have a civil engineering degree or similar and at least three years of facilities management experience. Excellent communication, time-management, and organisational skills are a must.

View Facilities Manager Job Spec

Program Manager Job Description

Program Managers oversee and organise programs, set objectives, lead staff, and ensure a return on investment.

Program Manager job description example:

Our company is looking for a Program Manager to oversee several projects, ensure successful completion, and maximise ROI. You will be responsible for supervising project teams, determining objectives, and evaluating progress.

Your duties will include applying resources and determining appropriate risk management strategies. 

To succeed as our Program Manager, you will have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, relevant experience, and knowledge of MS Office. You will be familiar with program management software, performance evaluations, and change management.

View Program Manager Job Spec

Business Manager Job Description

Business Managers supervise and lead teams to identify new business opportunities and achieve growth within thier market.

Business Manager job description example:

We are hiring a Business Manager to join our well-established company. Your duties will include designing business strategies, managing operations, and guaranteeing efficiency.

In this role, you will identify areas for potential growth, set goals, develop budgets, and make performance assessments. You will hire and train new employees, perform employee evaluations, and ensure sufficient resources and equipment.

The ideal individual will have a minimum of four years of Business Manager experience and a degree in business management or administration. You will be an analytical thinker and have in-depth knowledge of commercial policies and regulations.

View Business Manager Job Spec

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Job Description

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) lead a company’s direction, provide inspirational leadership, and make corporate decisions.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting an experienced Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As CEO, you will inspire our people, oversee operations, and act as the contact point between the board of directors and stakeholders.

Your role demands a solid visionary outlook as you set and develop a strategic business plan. You will ensure the company’s legal and regulatory compliance, create a positive company culture, and maintain excellent market awareness.

To be successful as our Chief Executive Officer, you will need extensive senior management experience, understand corporate governance, and be able to build successful relationships with executives, partners, and the workforce.

View Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Job Spec

Commercial Director Job Description

Commercial Directors plan, develop, and implement the commercial strategies of their organisation.

Commercial Director job description example:

We are looking for a driven Commercial Director who will take responsibility for planning, optimising, and introducing commercial strategies to help the business meet its goals and objectives.

An integral part of the role includes leveraging market understanding to set pricing and steer product and service innovation. You will monitor and report on our commercial performance, conduct market analysis, and support our executives and senior managers.

The successful applicant will have a business administration or management degree and proven experience leading large teams. You will think strategically and leverage your commercial knowledge to influence marketing and sales positively.

View Commercial Director Job Spec

Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers support the management team, ensure a consistent management presence, and lead employees.

Assistant Manager job description example:

Our dynamic company is searching for a motivated and success-driven Assistant Manager. In this role, you will manage all team aspects, from hiring to scheduling, training, and reviews.

You will be responsible for maintaining best practices, ensuring policy compliance, motivating employees, controlling costs, and optimising profits. Overseeing stock, ensuring health and safety, creating presentations, and reporting to senior managers all fit within the requisite of this role.

The ideal Assistant Manager will have retail or office team leading experience and be dedicated towards customer satisfaction. You will need to be a team player, possess a desire for self-development, and work unsupervised.

View Assistant Manager Job Spec

Manager Job Description

Managers oversee junior employees, ensure productivity, and review performance.

Manager job description example:

We are recruiting a Manager to join our busy company. In this role, you will hire new employees, review performance, and ensure standards are maintained.

Your responsibilities will include training new staff, motivating the team, and leading the office towards achieving its sales and financial goals. You will maintain a safe and secure workplace and report to regional and senior managers.

To succeed as a Manager, you will have a degree or experience managing a team. You will be results-driven, organised, work well under pressure and thrive on coaching other individuals as they develop their careers.

View Manager Job Spec

Supervisor Job Description

A Supervisor manages employee performance and communicates business needs. They act as an intermediary between staff and senior management.

Supervisor job description example:

Our business is seeking a Supervisor to manage staff and organise shifts. As the Supervisor, you will oversee staff productivity, create work schedules and maintain a safe working environment. Duties will include approving work hours, ensuring customer service levels are met, and giving instructions to employees.

We expect you to ensure that staffing levels are maintained at all times and record absences. You will conduct staff performance reviews and train new team members.

To be successful, you will need to lead team members, have a strong work ethic, and have an eye for detail. The ability to maintain a positive attitude and previous leadership experience is a must.

View Supervisor Job Spec

General Manager Job Description

A General Manager works to improve business efficiency, increase profits and oversee business operations.

General Manager job description example:

Our business is looking for a driven General Manager to develop and implement effective business strategies. Duties will include managing budgets, creating corporate policies, overseeing operations and allocating resources. You will motivate staff, manage operational costs and ensure excellent customer service.

We expect you to engage with vendors, hire and train employees, and identify business trends. Other duties will include improving service, sustainability, and staff productivity.

Our ideal candidate will know various business functions, have strong leadership skills and have a high work ethic. A degree in business management and meticulous attention to detail are essential.

View General Manager Job Spec

Managing Director Job Description

A Managing Director uses an all-reaching view of business workflows and budgets to manage corporate strategies. 

Managing Director job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a Managing Director to develop and execute business operations. As the Managing Director, you are responsible for creating procedures and policies that will achieve long-term goals. You will analyse cost efficiencies, drive recruitment and maintain partnerships with other businesses and shareholders.

We expect you to supervise and delegate duties to executives, communicate all legal requirements and corporate policies effectively, and manage difficult situations. You will build and enhance the profile of the business and act as the face of the corporation.

The ideal candidate will have excellent negotiation, presentation, and leadership skills. A Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing is essential; a Master’s degree is preferred.

View Managing Director Job Spec

Director Job Description

A Director coordinates the business activities of an organisation. They manage employees, build business relationships and supervise activities to meet profit objectives.

Director job description example:

Our organisation is looking for a highly motivated Director to develop our business and marketing strategies. As the Director, you will create and implement business strategies, oversee financial performance and monitor legal compliance. You will read reports, analyse risks and motivate and manage teams across the company.

We expect you to act as the business’s public face and drive beneficial partnerships with other companies. You will also meet shareholders, drive talent acquisition, and achieve business growth targets.

The successful candidate will have a degree in business administration and previous experience in a directorship or senior management role. Understanding financial and performance strategies and superb communication skills are essential.

View Director Job Spec

Head Of Operations Job Description

A Head Of Operations implements solutions and designs company policies to ensure that all activities align with business goals.

Head Of Operations job description example:

Our organisation is looking for a Head Of Operations to oversee customer service, design policies, and implement business solutions. In this role, you will work with teams across the business, including customer service, IT, and sales.

We expect you to provide strategic advice, plan daily activities and evaluate business efficiency. Duties include overseeing customer support, revising policies, and supervising staff.

Our ideal candidate has a Master’s degree in business administration or similar, experience in operations management, and superb leadership skills. Working with people at all levels and driving activities with the business goals in mind is essential to this position.

View Head Of Operations Job Spec

Director Of Operations Job Description

A Director Of Operations sets a company’s strategic goals and ensures that all activities are built around achieving those goals.

Director Of Operations job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Director Of Operations to manage the daily activities of our business. In this role, you will drive operations, liaise with teams and ensure goals are met. Duties include reviewing financial performance and evaluating company efficiency.

We expect you to set sales and profit goals, create corporate policies and review operation strategies. You will hire managers, monitor performance, and report progress to stakeholders.

The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s in business management and extensive knowledge in legal compliance and business regulations. You should be an excellent communicator and have the ability to engage with people at all levels.

View Director Of Operations Job Spec

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